Fab or Flop: Sheer Tops, Chunky Turtlenecks, and More

Fab or Flop? Edition 1
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Fab or Flop: Sheer Tops, Chunky Turtlenecks, and More
FLOP  -- Singer Rihanna stepped out in this high-waisted mint skirt and button-up top, but forgot one important part -- actually buttoning up! This is a serious wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.
FAB -- In what may resemble the top of your ice cream cone, Demi Lovato, who recently debuted her new blonde hair, is sporting a serious rocker chic look. This hair trend isn't going anywhere!
FLOP -- Courtney Love has always been less than fashionable, but this black mini-dress with a lace ruffled collar is a big NO, NO, NO.
FLOP -- This trend is a thing of the past but apparently, Daniel Spencer didn't get the memo! Mixing white and orange skin is never a good combination.
FAB -- Maxi dresses are one of the biggest fashion trends this season, and Jessica Alba looks gorgeous in this oversized black and white dress.
FLOP -- Victoria Beckham is seen leaving Prada in an oversized camel parka. While we love almost everything Beckham is seen wearing these days, this jacket is simply too big!
FAB -- We love printed ANYTHING this season, and Pippa Middleton pulls off this look from head to toe.
FLOP -- Sheer tops can be fun and flirty, especially as the weather gets warmer, but there is such a thing as too sheer and Eva Longoria tipped the scale in the wrong direction.
FAB -- New mom Alyson Hannigan looked gorgeous in this colbalt sheath dress while appearing outside of 'The Late Show with David Letterman.' We are all about blue this season.
FLOP -- January Jones is quite the risk-taker on the red carpet, but this sweater does her no favors. We love a good skinny stripe but these stripes are too wide and unflattering.
FLOP -- Rita Ora is a fashion-forward singer who's been seen wearing just about anything, but this pink chunky turtleneck looks downright uncomfortable. We know it's chilly in London, but we're giving this look a thumbs down.

Some fashion trends were meant to stay on the runway, but there are always a few risk-taking celebrities who just can't resist a challenge.

From sheer tops to wide stripes, the stars were all over the place this week. We've weighed in on who made a trend work, and who missed the mark completely. Hint: we normally love Eva Longoria, but she may be revealing a little too much skin in this daring see-through top.

Click through the gallery to weigh in yourself - is it fab or is it a total flop?
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