Like Mother, Like Daughter: Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

There is no mother/daughter duo more lovable and admired than Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. The two stars have captivated our hearts with their effervescent personalities, carefree attitudes and killer sense of style.

StyleList sat down with Kate and Goldie to discuss their Mother's Day plans, their most memorable mother/daughter moments and much more.

Goldie Hawn began her acting career in the '60s, and when Kate was born in 1979, Goldie had already established herself as a star. As such, Kate was thrust into the public spotlight at a very young age. We asked Kate about her first memories of her mom's fame. "I remember watching my mom's makeup artist put on her makeup, it was so amazing to watch a face transform. I grew up knowing that makeup could tell a story," she told us. "It kind of became a real interest. Even today, I love putting makeup on people."

Now, Kate is a global Almay brand ambassador and her mom has joined her for this very special mother/daughter campaign. They both share a love for makeup and one beauty product in particular: Lip Balm. Goldie and Kate told us that they can't live without this pint-sized lip moisturizer. Luckily for Kate and Goldie, this June, Almay will be debuting their new liquid lip balm (a cross between lip balm and gloss) perfect for slipping into your purse.

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A major perk of fame is lots of beautiful clothing, but we were surprised to find out that Goldie didn't save any of it for her daughter. "My mother didn't keep any of her clothes and it's one of my biggest disappointments. I'll look at old pictures and be like, 'where are those pants?' and she'll say she gave them away! She had no attachments to them."

Goldie and Kate share that easy-going sentiment about fashion. While they are admittedly lovers of good style, the material things in life aren't as important, which may explain Kate's "boho-chic" vibe. "I'm very body oriented, I want to feel freedom in my movement. I don't like to feel constricted in clothes, and I've never been into structure. It's got to be comfortable," Kate told us. "Everyone calls it 'bohemian,' but it's colorful and comfortable. I don't like anything that looks too manicured, I like fashion with edge and personality."

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, we asked Kate and Goldie about their plans. "We want to spend it together," Goldie said. "I love spending time with Kate and the kids, and I hope this year we'll have a great day in the sun."

It's easy to forget that these two incredibly talented women are related, but when we asked them the most beautiful thing about one another, their answer was the same. "I love my mom's laugh and smile," said Kate.

"I love Kate's laugh also. It's all about a mother remembering when her little girl laughed from her belly and it's just the most beautiful, pure thing. Even when she laughs today my heart swells," Goldie said.

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are two amazing women leading by example. Their relationship is truly one for the ages.

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