Exclusive: Kate Earl on Being Inspired by Kate Moss and Her Favorites in Fashion and Beauty

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Exclusive: Kate Earl on Being Inspired by Kate Moss and Her Favorites in Fashion and Beauty
"They feel like sweatpants, but they look like jeans. They're so comfortable!"
"I have a Topshop leather jacket, motorcycle style."
"I live in them on the road. They're so cute!"
"I love BCBG stilettos, because they're an affordable price point but still a great style."

Kate Earl is one of those voices that when you hear her, her sound stays with you. Born and raised in the tiny town of Chugiak, Alaska, she has a deeply honest tone that was just dying to be known.

StyleList sat down with Kate to discuss her inspirations, how she stays so original and fresh with her style, and what it's like to keep up a beauty regimen while on tour.

In regards to a style icon, Kate told us she looks to Kate Moss in a lot of ways. "I love that she's just a rocker, an example of how to stay classy but gritty at the same time," Kate told us. Besides Moss, Kate told us she's really inspired by the underdog. "What I mean by underdog is someone like a Kate Moss who has not come from a lot of money," she said, "she has this feeling of being discovered, and I'd never want to lose that."

As big of a star as I hope to become, I would hope that I remain relatable, because I think that's [Moss's] charm, and it feels like she's never lost her connectiveness.

Kate told us she thinks being an outsider is a wonderful thing, and she loves to see women "making an individual statement, and embracing [their] own uniqueness."

When it comes to her style in life versus on stage, she told us that motherhood has her in fairly comfy clothes when she's out and about, but that she loves getting dressed up for work. "I never get tired of it!" she said. She tries to find a balance on stage between styles she's loving and clothes comfortable enough to allow her to belt out the big notes. She loves the jumpsuit -- one of our favorite trends, too -- and she's been keeping her eye out for a perfect one to add to her wardrobe.

Have dry skin? So does Kate! She swears by Dr. Hauschka's day cream, and loves how her skin responds to it. "All of their products, from the lip gloss to the night cream are great," she said. We've recently tested them as well, and we agree!

Kate told us about the 9 items she always has with her while on the road, some of which are staples we're dying to add to our own closets as well. Click through to see her selects, and learn more about Kate and her music at her website.

Photo Credit: Martha Galvin
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