Wired Up: Make Your Own Sunglass And Accessory Storage

Make Your Own Sunglass and Accessory Storage
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Wired Up: Make Your Own Sunglass And Accessory Storage

-Wood Frame
-Long Nose Pliers
-Steel Wire2 Screw Eyes
-Wire Staples

-Measuring Tape
-Painter's Tape
-Spray Tape
-Plastic Trashbag
-Chicken Wire

Then using the long nose pliers, cut the chicken wire to match the dimensions.
Once paint has dried, fit the chicken wire into the frame.  Using the hammer, nail in a few staples or nails to hold chicken wire to frame.
Decide if you want the frame to hang portrait or landscape.  Then, attach screw eyes to the necessary corners of the frame.
Measure enough wire so that you have about one and a half times the distance between the two screws.  Make sure wire is taut so it doesn’t show when you hang it up.  First loop the wire around the screw eye, then again around the wire itself.  Repeat on the other side.
Prop against a wall/ window in my case, or to avoid counter clutter, hang it up.

By: The Spicy Stiletto

If you ever pay a visit to my apartment, you'll quickly come to realize that I'm a bit hyper-organized (except when it comes to making my bed). So it's only natural that I straighten out every last bit of my wardrobe down to my chonies. But today, I'll stray from giving you a peek inside my intimates and instead, direct you on how to organize one of those seemingly annoying-to-organize wardrobe essentials – sunglasses. Best part about this, is that you can also organize and hang your accessories off the wire too.

Click through the gallery for The Spicy Stiletto's step-by-step instructions for sunglass storage.

And for those of you that don't know what "chonies" are, she's talking about underwear!
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