The Summer Collection Perfect for Weekend Getaway

Essie Summer Collection
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The Summer Collection Perfect for Weekend Getaway

The thing about summer is it’s important to notice and most certainly be noticed. Big looks with big hats and even bigger sunglasses are perfect for Regatta boat races in the South of France. When you need something a little extra, that’s where a little punchy lilac comes in! 


That's what summertime is all about: a laid-back atmosphere and a fun-loving attitude. This is when you simply have to release all your worries and dive right into the fun of it all, just like diving into the cool blue ocean waters. If you go deep enough, the sunlight pierces the sea depths just enough to shimmer with the most breathtaking marine teal. If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! 


For me, this season is all about one word: celebrate. Toasting on a boat deck for my husband Max’s summer birthday at sunset is such a sumptuous way to end the day, and start the evening off right. Cruising around any island, whether it’s Manhattan or Capri, is the best way to take in the sea air and the beautiful coastal views. 


While I have so many cherished souvenirs and memories of my faraway travels in search of flirty shades, like my winter escape to sunny St. Barts with its endless ocean waters and pristine sailing, it’s also great to simply skip out of town at the end of the week for some good old-fashioned Hamptons weekend fun.Taking a mini staycation on Sundays is my number one choice for a completely stress-free interlude, without having to get on a plane. 


Getting summer fashion right is always a fun pursuit; a brilliant way to add that subtle “je ne sais quoi” to my wardrobe. Experimenting with daring colors and breezy silky fabrics has always been my favorite part of the season. I love being out and about in summer, and love that my toes get to be out and about too, in my favorite open-toed sandals—a total must-have for me. 


That juicy lime zest on my summer ceviche gives me just the kick I need for my day of color- exploring and shade-hunting. Colorful and healthy meals always get me thinking: the more colors on your plate the more nutrients you’re getting, and the more shades for your nails, the more excitement you’re sure to experience! 


The most carefree and lively time of the year is summertime. This is when I stop, let my hair down, and really have some fun in the sun. If I'm lucky, I'll be at some fabulous summer hideaway, snorkeling or feeling the wind blow through my hair, as I catch the waves on my jet skis. There's nothing more exhilarating than a little fun in summer!

Here's a little sneak peek into the collection (the polish names are underlined):

It's sundayfunday, the perfect day for a maiden voyage and the more the merrier. Sail away, full steam aheadinto glittering waters and sunny ports of call. Want to make waves? Go ahead, rock the boat, it makes the adventure a whole lot more interesting. When the girls are out, there's no telling just how naughty nauticalcan be.

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