Is Ombre Hair the Trick To Looking Younger?

Is Ombre Hair the Trick to Looking Younger?
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Is Ombre Hair the Trick To Looking Younger?
Jessica is one of our favorite fashionistas, and her hair is always on trend as well.  From the bangs to the subtle ombre, we love it!
Drew has loved beauty her entire life, and recently released her own makeup line, "Flower." We're not surprised she's up on the ombre hair trend!
Alba always looks gorgeous, and definitely uses highlights to her advantage!
Never one to shy away from a hair trend, Jada rocks this one with style.
We may not have been in love with Shania's outfit at the ACM Awards this year, but her hair and makeup looked great!
Not that Ash needs help looking younger, but we're loving the super long gradual effect she's had done to her hair.
The "Modern Family" star switched it up, choosing to go from light to dark -- and we fully support going in the opposite direction.
Rachel is one of our go-to girls for fashion trends, and while we think she could pull off a number of hairstyles, this is one of our favorites for her!
Olivia is pretty much always stunning, but coloring her hair ombre totally amps up the glam.
We're pretty sure Kate doesn't age... at all. By staying on trend with beauty, style and her hair, she gets more and more gorgeous with time!
From anti-aging haircare to the perfect hair cut, Hollywood divas are always in on the latest ways to have healthy, youthful-looking locks.

Over the last few years, the hair color effect ombre has steadily become a celebrity and city girl favorite. "Ombre" literally means gradation in French, which refers to the dark-to-light fade of color that is used in the technique. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end.

It's a beachier, more natural looking version of the enduring "visible root" trend.

No one wants to spend all of their time in the salon anymore, and this look means longer time between visits because it's so natural-looking.

"I think it speaks to the overall organic and sustainable trend going on right now. No one wants to spend all of their time in the salon anymore, and this look means longer time between visits because it's so natural-looking. There's no color line of demarcation at your roots," says Dimitrios Tsioumas, creative color director of New York and Boston's Mizu salons, where colorists perform the effect.

The term was taken from the fashion world, where the ombre style of diffusing color is used for fabric, and is most often seen in kimonos.

"In the hair industry, we like to translate what we see in the fashion industry into hair. We've seen many designers showcase the ombre effect in their collections. We're making it more natural and softer to fit into our current lifestyles," adds Tsioumas.

Ombre can be either soft and subtle like Rachel Bilson's natural-looking locks, or reversed like Sarah Hyland's light-to-dark effect. Either way, the shot of lightness adds a youthful look to hair, especially with the classic dark-to-light gradation because strands naturally lighten under the sun further down the shaft from the root.

If you're interested in trying the trend out and don't live near a Mizu salon, look for a colorist with experience in painting color and highlights straight onto the hair without using foils, as that's the primary technique for the effect. Foiling can also be used, but is best applied by a colorist who has the ability to do both.

Bumble & Bumble salons also offer the ombre effect, and salons that perform the similar paint-on baliage technique could be another good place to look.

We're just thrilled to find a way to lighten up without the every-four-to-six weeks color commitment.

Click through the gallery above to see some celebs embracing the trend!
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