Lindsay Lohan at the Premiere of Scary Movie 5

Lindsay Lohan Scary Movie 5
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Lindsay Lohan at the Premiere of Scary Movie 5
Lindsay Lohan arrived at the premiere of her new movie (just in the nick of time, we must add!) in a slim-fitting black dress with gold embellishments.
Apparently Lohan had an issue with her dress, that the original dress was left in New York City. Well, we like this one, so we don't mind!
Lindsay wore her hair in an awesome wavy 'do, with a braided headband and a low bun in the back for added dimension.
LiLo and Charlie Sheen seemed very chummy.
The duo posed for plenty of pictures together, and it's clear they were the golden shot of the night.
We were lucky enough to be a part of AOL's live blog of last night's premiere of Scary Movie 5. And while we loved seeing the stars walk the red carpet, it was clear that literally everyone there waited (with bated breath) for Lindsay Lohan to arrive.

When she finally did -- about 8 minutes before the movie was set to begin -- photographers and fans were frenzied, and we were pleasantly surprised by her styling for the night. She looked totally glam, with a tight-fitting black dress, complete with gold accessories and embellished gold straps. Her hair was to die for, in her natural red hue (why she'd ever abandon her amazing red tresses for bleached-beyond-belief-blonde baffles us!), with flowing waves and her own hair in a braided headband.

She looked stunning, and guys -- seeing the star of this particular red carpet was definitely worth the wait. We just hope she didn't miss the first few minutes of the movie! Just kidding, if they'd delay a premiere for a few minutes, it would be this one, for LiLo.

Click through the gallery above to see more snippets of Lindsay's look, and some photos of her and Charlie Sheen!
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