What Men Really Think About Your Makeup

What Men Really Think About Your Makeup
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What Men Really Think About Your Makeup

"I think a lot of makeup actually makes women look worse. Have you ever noticed how the women look on the final episode of Survivor, when they're back from the island and finally get all made up? They go from being naturally beautiful individuals to sort of generically pretty."

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"Less is more. Definitely. You don't want to overdo it. If you don't exude beauty from within, no amount of makeup will be able to cover that up."

"All three of my ladies (my wife and two teenage daughters) are naturally beautiful, so I like when they wear no makeup or just something to highlight their big, beautiful eyes... As a cosmetic dentist, it's all about the smile to me!"

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"Bottom line: if she looks good with her hair up eating Chinese food and wearing sweat pants, then she doesn't need makeup."

"I love seeing women in makeup, but like a lot of guys, I don't like seeing a heavy amount of it. Let the makeup highlight your natural beauty!"

"Keep it simple and natural. To me, this is the sexiest look. Nobody wants to kiss a clown!"

"I saw a picture of my mother when she was younger and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Naturally beautiful, there's nothing in the world like it. I think a woman's makeup should only accentuate her natural features. Too much makeup tends to take away from her appearance as opposed to adding to it. Less can be good."

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"Makeup can either enhance or defile natural beauty so when in doubt, less is more."

"I think most women, my fiancée included, are pretty enough and don't need a lot of makeup.  I mean, it's great to be able to hide a few blemishes or to enhance what you already have, but women who wear too much make up seem insecure and unsure of themselves."

"I love seeing my girlfriend look nice because it makes her happy, but there's no need to overdo it. I think a moderate amount of make-up is sexy, minus bright lipstick."
"Men want to kiss a woman's face and not the makeup that's on it. Who wants to feel like they are kissing a mask?"
"I hate when you can see where the makeup stops at the neckline. My thoughts on a woman's makeup vary from woman to woman... for the most part, if you're going to breakfast and you just woke up, throw on a hat and go. But if you're going to a wedding, don't be afraid to kick it up a notch."

"If I can't see skin and her eyelashes look like Tammy Faye Baker, it's too much!"

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"[I think] you can tell a lot about a woman's personality by the makeup she wears. If it's heavier, especially during the day, she's more exaggerated and theatrical and may be hiding something. If it's lighter, she's more down to earth."
"If I notice your makeup, it's too much."
The new 'Bikini' swimming costume (in a newsprint-patterned fabric), which caused a sensation at a beauty contest at the Molitor swimming pool in Paris. Designer Louis Reard was unable to find a 'respectable' model for his costume and the job of displaying it went to 19-year-old Micheline Bernardini, a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris. She is holding a small box into which the entire costume can be packed. Celebrated as the first bikini, Reard's design came a few months after a similar two-piece design was produced by French designer Jacques Heim.
American actress June Haver wears a printed, high-waist bikini in 1950. 
Credit: Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe lounges in a high-waisted bikini, a popular 1950s style that's starting to make it's way back into fashion. 
Credit: Getty Images
Actress Debbie Reynolds models a pair of mid-rise briefs in 1960. 
Credit: Getty Images
Actress Stella Stevens wears a bold, graphic print bikini. 
Credit: Getty Images
British actress Jill Ireland models an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini in 1960.
Credit: Getty Images
Actress Vera Miles wears a metallic style in 1960. 
Credit: Getty Images
Priscilla Presley models a denim bikini during a photo shoot at her home in the 1970s. 
Credit: Getty Images
Actress Raquel Welch models a more revealing style in 1968. 
Credit: Getty Images
Gwen Stefani rocks a striped bikini top in 1989. 
Marie Chantal Miller, future wife of Prince Pavlos of Greece, wears a color-blocked style in 1992. 
Credit: Getty Images
The members of Destiny's Child pair their swimwear with denim in 2000. 
Credit: Getty Images
Kim Kardashian, the queen of bikini bodies, pairs a sarong with her black and white two-piece and oversize shades in 2012. 
Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel in 2012. 
Think guys don't care about makeup? Think again. They may not know much about it or understand exactly how it gets applied (and that's ok, we don't expect them to), but they definitely have an opinion when it comes to how much of it you should be wearing, and when.

​We talked to 15 guys-including one Hollywood A-lister who actually prefers his gals au' natural-to get the scoop on what they really think about the face-enhancing goop.

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