Spring Cleaning: Tips for Refreshing Your Closet

Spring Cleaning: Tips For Refreshing Your Closet
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Spring Cleaning: Tips for Refreshing Your Closet
Take a step back and really look at your closet - figuring out how to best use the space for your needs.  Do you have space to add shelving, or is it mostly ideal for hanging? 
De-clutter! If there is something you have not worn in over a year, time for it to find a new home.
Figure out a way to organize your clothing: you could do it by color, by item type (tops, pants, dresses, etc.), or even color-coded within the type of clothing -- for those of us who love to take that extra step.
Swap out your wool and heavy clothes for cotton and lighter pieces for Spring.  Put your winter sweaters away for next year - but only if you love them! Do not be afraid to purge what you are sick of, or what you have not been wearing.
Spring is here, and so is the rain.  Swap out those snow boots for your wellies, and be sure your rain jacket (as well as other light jackets) and umbrellas are easy to grab on the go.  
Keep your layering pieces in a location where they are easy to grab.  Scarves, jackets and other accessories are the finishing touches to your outfit, so keeping them in a prime location will make getting ready in the morning that much easier.
Have a bunch of plastic, wire, and other varieties of hangers? Swap them out for one kind that you prefer.  Felt, skinny hangers are ideal for small spaces, and wooden hangers are gentle on your clothes.  If you want to keep the price down, plastic hangers are a bargain and do the job just fine.  But keeping consistency with your hangers will do wonders for the visual of your closet.
Display your jewelry with pride: use pretty hooks to hang your necklaces, and whether you have a shelf or a drawer, try using tea cups or a pretty bowl to drape your bracelets and earrings.  
DONATE! When you have gone over a year not wearing an item, or are sick and tired of it, donate it.  Keep a large tote or a box in an area of your closet where you can throw some pieces as you decide you want to get rid of them, and when you accumulate a lot, visit your local Goodwill.

Spring is in the air, and with it comes that nagging desire to clean out your closet, get rid of absolutely everything you own and start anew with an organized space and a minimalist, zen-like wardrobe.

If this sounds like you, you may want to take a few steps back and reconsider chucking your all your worldly possessions. There's no need to give everything up - just some simple rearranging and de-cluttering will do. Just start with a few handy reorganizational tactics.

We've compiled a list of nine essential spring cleaning tips and tricks that are sure to have your closet in tip-top shape for the new season. Click through the gallery to get the scoop. Your closet will thank us later.

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