Don't Get Caught Making These 12 Spring Beauty Mistakes!

Don't Get Caught Making These 12 Spring Beauty Mistakes!
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Don't Get Caught Making These 12 Spring Beauty Mistakes!

Just because it isn't blazing hot outside yet doesn't mean you can skip the SPF.  The sun can damage your skin all year 'round, so you should invest in moisturizers that come with built in sun protection (at least SPF 15). That way you don't have to remember an extra step in your morning routine - and thus, don't have any excuse!

Lady, take care of those feet before you show them to the world! They've been hidden in boots all winter long, so be sure to go for a nice pedicure before slipping on those strappy sandals.  With rising temperatures comes more skin exposed: so take care of that skin!

We love having the sun shine brighter, but foundation becomes super visible in brighter lighting.  Be careful with how much you apply, and maybe switch to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, if you're not in need of a lot of coverage.  Visible foundation isn't just an unflattering look, but it ages you as well.

Whether you're enjoying a warm Spring day or your Spring Break vacation (lucky you!), take care of those luscious locks of yours.  When you soak your hair with water and conditioner before entering the pool or the ocean, it significantly lowers the damage that the harsh chlorine and salt can do to your hair. 

When you wax your legs on Friday and hit the beach on Saturday, your legs are still too sensitive to be comfortable.  Since a wax lasts for weeks, give yourself some time between your appointment and your days in the sun, to let the pores on your skin heal and return to their normal strength.  Also, don't shave five minutes before you hit the beach, but do so at least few hours before. Then you won't have to deal with sensitivity or any kind of awful razor-burn-type irritations.

Warmer weather warrants a new skin routine: and you most likely will need to switch out your heavy Winter skin creams for much lighter ones for Spring. So ditch that heavy cream and grab a light moisturizer that will keep you cool and shine-free this Spring.

We're all excited for that extra glow that Summer brings, but don't jump the gun just because Spring has arrived.  If you're going to get a spray tan or start amping up your bronzer, take it slow.  No one, and we mean no. one. looks good when they're overly bronzed.  Especially when its juuust warm enough for you to start breaking out the light jacket, come on. We'll all know it's fake.

The plums and deep tones that are perfect for Winter are not ideal for Spring - and this includes the hues on your nails! Go bold this Spring with neons and bright colors - and keep your makeup sweet and light.

As you start spending more time outdoors, don't forget to hydrate! Drinking plenty of water is the greatest way to nourish your body inside and out, and give you skin a healthy glow.

We hope you've been exfoliating all through the Winter, but don't stop once March rolls around! To keep your skin in tip-top shape, keep exfoliating at least once a week to get rid of any unwanted dead skin cells.  You'll help keep your pores clean and brighten your skin.

Don't forget to stock up on products that will keep your hair healthy this spring: and try to avoid using too many heated tools on it.  When you step out into humid air, it's most likely just going to do what it wants - so you don't want to have spent an hour straightening for no reason! All you'll get from that is the damage.  Whether you're just out and about on a warm day or walking the beach at Spring Break, get to know some mousse and a diffuser, and learn to love your natural hair.

You may think that having your hair pulled up and off your face more often, drawing more attention to your face, means that you must have flawless makeup, but it doesn't.  Spring is the time to be fresh-faced, and not let makeup weigh you down.  Pull your hair back and let your natural beauty shine, keeping the layers light and going for a soft, natural look.


Spring is the season of rebirth, and it ought to be a rebirth for your makeup and skin care routine as well! Ditch those heavy winter shades and products along with your boxy sweaters, and reach for the cooler, lighter, brighter products that will help you shine.

There are several beauty mistakes that plenty of us are guilty of when Spring rolls around, mistakes that can easily be avoided. But never fear, you can make your transition into Spring a seamless one by avoiding a few little errors along the way.

Click through the gallery above to see the Spring beauty mistakes you don't want get caught making!

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