Gap, Tory Burch Among Most Googled Fashion Brands

Gap, Tory Burch Among Most Googled Fashion Brands

Recently, we found out that Stella McCartney topped the UK's Google Zeitgeist list in the fashion category. Now we've got the results from our side of the pond.

For the U.S., Google compiled several lists under "Fashion," including Most Searched Apparel Brands, Trending Apparel Brands, and Most Searched High Fashion Brands

Old Navy and Gap top the Most Searched Apparel list, which could mean good things for Gap, Inc.–even though its stocks just fell a lot, according to WWD. The trending apparel list is topped by more upmarket brands Tory Burch and J.Crew.

The Most Searched High Fashion list is where things get a little more interesting and a lot less American. Louis Vuitton–a brand basically synonymous with luxury high fashion in a lot of people's minds–came in first, followed by Gucci and Chanel. The only American brands were Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, landing at 4 and 5, respectively. American brands that were surprisingly absent: Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein. Of course, they didn't dress Michelle Obama on multiple occasions or design the Team USA Olympic uniforms.

Then again, neither did Celine, which capped off the list at #10. Perhaps we have Kanye to thank for that? Or those furry shoes?

Also surprisingly absent: Dior. Perhaps after John Galliano and his rumored replacements were all anyone could talk about in 2011, people were tired of it in 2012.

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