Pokémon Go is about to get a lot bigger

If you'​​​​​ve already caught everything in "Pokémon Go" or you just gave up a few months ago, there's good news: There might finally be new Pokémon to catch soon.

Yes, seriously. For real. Some data-miners found unused code in the game's latest update that adds Pokédex entries for the second generation of Pokémon, which debuted in "Pokémon Gold & Silver." That includes classics like Chikorita, Totodile and Celebi.

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One more thing to note is that files for Ditto, the elusive pink transforming Pokémon, also appeared in this update. Could we get an update soon that adds second generation Pokémon and Ditto?

I sure hope so. "Pokémon Go" desperately needs something to bring back the zeitgeist that made the game so engaging back in July and August. If the game gets people to whip out their phones and congregate around lured up Pokéstop games again, that would be amazing.

Of course, as usual, developer Niantic hasn't said anything about this and it probably won't until it's time to make an official announcement. Hopefully we know more before the end of 2016.

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