Pokemon Go is making it much easier to catch all the Pokemon and players love it

Just a day after launching a big new update to Pokémon Go that finally brought some much-requested new features to the game, developer Niantic is back at it again with some minor tweaks that players already seem to love.

That's good, because even the hardest-core players are starting to get frustrated with the game.

The two biggest changes, per the officialPokémon Go Twitter account, are:

Pidgey and Rattata — two of the very most common Pokémon in the whole game — will no longer hatch
from eggs. On the same note, the relatively common Eevee will only hatch from eggs that 5 kilometers of
walking to hatch, where before it would appear in 10 kilometer eggs.

"You may encounter other Pokémon where Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat were previously more commonly found," Niantic says. That means you'll find way fewer of those common Pokémon in the wild, and theoretically more rare and desirable monsters.

In aggregate, Niantic is addressing one of the biggest complaints with the game: It's way too easy to find or hatch certain Pokémon in the course of everyday playing, but way too difficult to find those last few that you may be missing.

Mixing it up and shaking around where Pokémon are located will ultimately make it easier and more fun to catch 'em all.

Over on the Pokémon Go "subreddit" community on Reddit, players are already applauding the change, calling it "proof that we are being heard." That's good news, as Niantic has so far been slow to address the steady decline of players from the game by adding new features and addressing old annoyances.

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