3 Video games inspired by Trump

This presidential election has been ... entertaining, to say the least.

From memes to Bad Lip Readings, it wouldn't be the 21st century without the Internet's take.

The latest?

Video games inspired be 'The Donald' himself.

Take a look below.

Disclaimer: Some of the below games are graphic in nature and may not be appropriate for children.

The game is a simple one that features The Donald as a heavy equipment operator attempting to build a wall to keep ducks from crapping on the wall at his house (or is it the White House — it looks similar).

Not for the faint hearted, this game tears Trump apart - literally. 
It seems as though the rest of the world is stepping in to joke around as well. ' Stop Trump' is a game set in loyalty to her majesty, the Queen, who has made it clear that she does not want Donald on her side of the pond. 

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