Get the first look at Sony's highly anticipated VR headset

Sony's highly-anticipated headset has arrived at TNW. A full two-and-a-half years after it made its trade show debut, you the headset is currently hearing, and fully functional.

We've got a full review coming next week, but for now, let's just marvel in how sleek this thing is.

For its part, Sony truly delivered a work of art. This thing is beautiful to look at, light and easily the most comfortable VR headset I've donned to date. The back features a single button to loosen the band, as well as a rotary dial to tighten. On the front, you'll see two lenses, each with a 1080P screen packed inside and a single button to adjust the distance between the mask and your eyes.

As far as wearability, this thing is slick.

If there's a downfall, and it's not much of one, it's that it seems Sony fell in love with wires. There is a single wire to connect the headset to a box, a sort of mini-Playstation-looking contraption that has HDMI ports for each of the two lenses. On the back, you'll find an AC power adapter, a USB plug to connect it to the console, and two more HDMI ports — one that connects the box to the console, the other that goes from the box to your television, if you want to use it as a separate display.

Add to that the headphones, and you've got more wires than I typically like to deal with.

It's comfortable though. It breathes, and the dome shape on top helps it to feel snug on your head without much, if any, pressure to your temple.

I can't wait to dive in.

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