5 health benefits of playing video games

Some may think of gamers as lazy, but there is actually tons of physical and cognitive health benefits to playing video games.

1. Improved vision

"Don't sit so close to the TV" is common parental warning to protect kids' eyes, but gaming has shown to normalize cataracts and lazy eyes.

Fast-paced games that require attention train players to view things more sharply and improve the ability to discern different shades of grey.

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2. Enhanced motor skills

Sitting in front of a TV with a controller may not seem like the most productive activity for a 4-year-old.

Yet, studies show that preschoolers who played interactive video games have better "object control motor skills."

3. Reduced stress

Video games are a great way to keep your brainy busy without bringing on the burdens of real-world stress.

Gaming has shown to reduce adrenaline response by over 50%.

Video games allow players to vent anger and frustration as well as have a social outlet.

4. Slow the aging process

Senior citizens who play video games have shown to have higher levels of happiness, while non-players report more negative emotions.

"Brain games" with that problem-solving, memory and puzzle elements can be a great benefit to older players.

Just 10 hours of play can lead to increased cognitive functioning in players 50 and older.

5. Better decision-making

Gaming strategy requires critical thinking that translates well in the real world.

Split-second decision-making in video games program players to quickly analyze their surroundings and react.

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