Travel expert shares 5 road trip hacks that’ll save you money and keep you safe

Kelly Rizzo is the host and creator of “Eat, Travel, Rock,” a series where Rizzo travels the world meeting rockstars, master chefs and other renowned creatives.

With the pandemic going on, road trips are growing in popularity. It’s easier to social distance from the confines of a vehicle and it’s much safer to be out in the open air visiting natural landmarks or national parks.

“More people are looking to take road trips,” Rizzo told In The Know. “They’re a great and fun way to keep things safe but also keep things exciting.”

Rizzo gave us five handy road trip hacks that will keep you safe and save you money on your next great adventure.

First, she suggested checking with your credit card company before making any related purchases.

“Or maybe even your work or school because a lot of times they’ll have some really great deals on car rentals or even any other activities while you’re on your road trip,” she said.

Next, she said to be sure to bring a paper map. You never know when you might have to go analog.

“These are really important in case you go through an area or a neighborhood or something happens to your phone and you lose phone service. You don’t want to be without a map,” Rizzo explained.

Third, Rizzo recommended making cleanliness your best friend.

“When you’re on the road you need to keep your surroundings clean,” she said. “So I always bring a little bag with me that has these essentials in it.”

It included a whole roll of paper towels, Ziplock baggies, hand sanitizer, disposable tableware and disinfectant wipes.

Rizzo advised including, “anything that is going to keep your car neat and clean, especially if you’re eating on the go.”

The penultimate item might be the most important: an emergency medical kit.

“First off, water,” said Rizzo. “You never want to be on the road without extra water. I’ve got an emergency car tool here, this has a little hammer in case you need to break a window or glass or whatever reason, a knife, some pepper spray, flashlight, very important and a little Swiss army knife.”

Lastly, Rizzo urged road trippers to purchase an annual national parks pass.

“Buy an annual national parks card for only $80,” Rizzo added. “Not only can you see a ton of incredible sights but you also can save a lot of money because it’s one card for $80.”

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