Julien Farel’s $1,000 haircut returns with a 1,200-plus wait list


Following New York City's phase 2 planned reopening, a number of businesses — from beauty salons to in-store retailers — were able to reopen their doors to their clients.

Famous for his $1,000 dollar hair cuts, Julien Farel, Chairman of the Julien Farel Restore Salon Group, reopened his salon and was met with a 1,200-plus wait list on his opening day. It’s something he characterized as "crazy."

While the business has been closed to the public, Julien and his team kept busy since the business closed doors on Saturday, March 21st. His team began working on changing the business the next Monday, March 23rd.

"We had to work on how are we going to regrow," Farel told Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round.

Farel said he held weekly calls with his executive team and his staff as they pivoted to focusing on growing their online product sales and presence on social media. The company even created a new platform: an outreach email offering complimentary consultations over Zoom "to help all the professionals navigate this reopening.”

Julien Farel cutting client's hair in newly reopened salon.
Julien Farel cutting client's hair in newly reopened salon

Coronavirus may have provided the salon “a little bit of a challenge," but the wide expanse of his 10,000 square foot space in Manhattan allowed the business to "change the way the salon was designed" in order to respect social distancing measures and make sure his clients felt secure.

At the forefront, however, Farel focused on maintaining his strong 91,000 clientele base, aiming to keep them engaged with personal check-in calls, #wellnessWednesdays, and other motivational quotations on his social media.

"We had meditation every week. Three times a week,” he said. “We were giving them a trainer on Zoom."

Farel maintained that it was "very important for us to keep their interest. Especially the people alone at home."

When asked about the lofty prices he charges his clients, Farel responded, "my price is high because usually people come from all over the world and they don't come often; my haircut grows through the time."


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