Sophia Amoruso shares advice for running a company from home


Sophia Amoruso is responsible for pioneering the ‘girl boss’ movement. First, there’s her New York Times best-selling memoir titled “#Girlboss,” which details her trailblazing self-made career into a woman in power. Netflix also created the 2017 series “Girlboss,” inspired by her life. But most notably, she founded and is currently CEO of a multifaceted media company named … you guessed it — Girlboss Media.

The mission of Girlboss, which launched in 2014, is geared towards millennial women who are redefining success. Through podcasts, editorial content and video, people can access Amoruso’s knowledge and resources they need to own their futures. Two years later, she landed on Forbes’ 2016 Richest Self-Made Women List. After a slew of company complications (as all successful businesses experience), the 36-year-old businesswoman made the decision to completely re-strategize her initial fashion venture and take a step back to look at the big picture.

With companies continuing to face major economic decline as the world suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic, many business founders will have to rework their companies and navigate the unknown. “Brands are shifting their dollars to focus on online content and my advice is to find a way to use those dollars in a meaningful way that’s sensitive to this time, whether that’s with creating resources, creating community, or driving important conversations,” Amoruso told In The Know.

“At Girlboss we’ve had to remain incredibly nimble in the current climate. For us, that meant taking our IRL event of our Girlboss Rally which was slated to happen in mid-April into digital content. And we’re really proud of what we created, which is The Girlboss Guide to Now,” she explained. “It’s all virtual content to provide resources for women as well as video recordings of past Girlboss panels that will be free for everyone.”

The guide includes everything from ‘girlboss-approved’ resume templates to step-by-step actions of what to do if you’ve been laid off. It even has uplifting Zoom backgrounds with motivational quotes available for download.

As a CEO, finding work-life balance is challenging enough. Many people who are running their own company struggle to know when to turn it off. Under the work circumstances of our “new normal,” leading a team and running an entire company from home is no easy feat.

Amorouso says her best advice is “to be as transparent as possible, because that’s what our teams deserve from us in a time of such uncertainty.”

“Something I encourage my team to do is share accomplishments that aren’t just about winning. Every Friday our team shares one Girlboss moment from the week, and that can be facing a challenge or feeling confident or trying something new,” she shared. “Now more than ever, it’s important that we have compassion for ourselves and others.”

Self-care is also a crucial element when it comes to making the transition to working from home. Amoruso makes time for herself out of her busy schedule through meditation and practicing daily mindfulness. The Girlboss CEO has teamed up with Skintimate for the launch of its mindful shower initiative, a series designed to bring meditation to the shower.

“I’ve been working with Skintimate on their idea to practice daily mindfulness during the time we are already taking for ourselves: in the shower,” Amorouso said. “They created three meditations designed to channel what energy you need for that day. Depending on what you’re feeling–or not feeling–you can go to Skintimate’s website and pull up a meditation,” Amoruso explained about the collection.

“If you need a dose of confidence to get through the day,
go with the Confident Meditation. If you wake up feeling sluggish, hop in the shower and turn on the Energized Meditation. They’re all under 10 minutes long, so you can easily fit it into your shower-time to
set your intentions for the day. ”

You can also shop these three new Skintimate body collections that pair perfectly with a coordinate meditation —Bloom, Spark and Root.

“Finding time to meditate and slow down is essential for me to avoid burnout and show up as my best self every day,” she concluded.

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