Target, Trader Joe's and many supermarkets will give employees a break on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday will be a day off for many store employees putting themselves at risk on the front lines during the coronavirus outbreak. Stores including Trader Joe's, Target and Aldi will be closed on Sunday April 12 to give employees working through unprecedented conditions a much-needed break.

Trader Joe's announced on its website that stores will be closed Sunday, April 12, "to give our incredible Crew Members a much needed day of rest."

Target will also be closed on the holiday, so be sure to stock up on your Easter egg decorating kits in advance.

Publix will be closed on Easter, which is traditional for the company, though this year, the day off has taken on a new meaning.

"Our stores are closed three days each year, which includes Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas days," Maria Brous, director of communications at Publix told TODAY Food. "Historically, we have this time off in order to allow our associates an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. As we are in unprecedented times, we realize social distancing may change the way we celebrate, but we will remain closed for the holiday."

It's no surprise that Easter won't be the same this year, given the unusual circumstances of social distancing, as Americans work hard to try and flatten the curve. With the Peeps factory closed and restrictions placed on selling candy, the holiday will definitely look different than it has in the past.

Still, many families will be celebrating at home, and for some store employees that means they will get to be with their loved ones for a celebration, which could include anything from making cute Easter desserts to having a small egg hunt in your own backyard.

The following is a list of which stores will be open or closed on Easter Sunday. Please note that the list may change, and that many stores now have reduced hours due to COVID-19, as well as elderly-only shopping hours in place.

Stores open on Easter Sunday:

  • Albertsons

  • BJ's

  • CVS

  • Duane Reade

  • Giant

  • Kmart

  • Kroger

  • Rite-Aid

  • Safeway

  • ShopRite

  • Walmart

  • Walgreens

  • Whole Foods

Stores closed on Easter Sunday:

  • Aldi

  • Costco

  • Publix

  • Sam's Club

  • Target

  • Trader Joe's

Be sure to visit each store's website, or call your local retailer, for the most updated information.