Mesmerizing clip shows how Duck Tape is made


This rather mesmerizing video shows how Duck Tape is actually made, for those of us who may have been wondering exactly how the miracle adhesive gets its powerful stick.

First, the trusty tape’s adhesive is made by mixing together natural rubber and other ingredients to form a pizza-dough-like substance, which is heated to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, the mixture is combined with long, thin sheets of cloth and film onto a large, metal roller to ensure smoothness.

This jumbo roll of Duck Tape — which weighs about a ton and can produce a whopping 30,000 smaller rolls of tape — is then cut and placed on individual cores in order to be packaged and sent off to stores.

Who knew so much work went into a humble roll of tape?

Duck Tape — named as such for its water-repelling qualities, similar to the feathers of a duck — was invented by a female factory worker named Vesta Stout, who worked packaging ammunition during World War II, Business Insider reports.

Stout used to seal her ammo boxes with tape and wax as a means to make them waterproof but soon learned soldiers had a hard time opening the parcels, so she set out to create a durable, cloth-based tape to replace her method.

After Stout shared her brilliant invention with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, she was informed by the War Production Board that Johnson and Johnson would begin mass-producing her tape, Business Insider notes.

Even after WWII ended, Duck Tape could still be found in local hardware stores, where it became a popular tool for common household repairs — including wrapping air ducts, which is where it got its second name — duct tape.

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