Adobe offers students free access to Creative Cloud services

As many teachers and students across the U.S. continue to quarantine themselves without access to a lot of classroom resources, computer software company Adobe is offering free, temporary remote access to its Creative Cloud applications as a way to temporarily relieve that burden.

TechRadar was one of the first publications to report the news. Here’s how the deal works: In order to get access, your school or college must be an education customer, meaning it has an existing Adobe license. If you’re not certain whether your school has a license, contact its IT department.

From there, the department needs to fill out this form, which asks for the school name and the Adobe Admin Console URL. If your IT department doesn’t know how to find that URL, it simply needs to sign in using this link and copy the web address.

And boom, you should have Adobe access in no time.

For those of you who are already Adobe subscribers, the smart folks at TechRadar have also found a way to get access to Creative Cloud apps free for two months. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into your Adobe account.

  2. Click “Manage Plan”

  3. Click “Cancel Plan”

  4. Enter a reason why you’re canceling your plan.

  5. Click “Continue” on the “Details” window.

  6. You should see an “Offers” section appear.

Fair warning: TechRadar was quick to note that the hack may only work in the U.K. (where the staff tried it) and other select regions. The publication also adds that it may only work for those of you who have a monthly subscription and that there might be a cancellation fee depending on your contract.

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