12 of the most luxurious retirement home communities in the US — and how much they cost

  • Throughout the US, there are several luxurious retirement communities that offer modern amenities at a high price tag.

  • In Florida, the Villages — which can cost renters $10,000 per month— and the Sarasota Bay Club — which can cost buyers $300,000 — are examples of lavish retirement homes.

  • Communities like Vivante in California, The Clare in Chicago, and the Sarasota Bay Club in Florida all offer linen service and housekeeping.

  • Some retirement communities are known for their fine-dining restaurants like the Forum at Park Lane in Texas and Vivante's in California.

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While the cost of a retirement community varies state by state, there are some retirement homes in the US that are more luxurious than the usual independent living facility.

These outliers offer retired residents modern amenities, which oftentimes include linen service, housekeeping, valet parking, and 18-hole golf courses. Also, these amenities come with a high price tag — some costing near $1 million.

Keep reading for some of the more luxurious communities you might want to call home in retirement.

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