This time management cube will keep you sane through weeks of WFH

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It's only going to take another week before you're really, really sick of that generic iPhone tune.

For most people, working from home means it's time to push internal cell phone alarm apps into overdrive. The little wake-up jingle you typically hear once every 24 hours — okay, or a few times if you're a habitual snoozer — suddenly becomes a recurring theme song. For adults, alarms signal it's time for a video conference, a lunch break, a quick walk outside, an afternoon deadline. And for kids, alarms help maintain a routine in the absence of a normal school schedule.

To that end, In The Know went in search of items specifically designed for individual time management. The goal: Find something aesthetically pleasing (hey, you have to look at it all day!), affordable, and — most importantly — functional.

That's how we landed on the TimeCube Plus Preset Timer. It comes in eight attractive colors and has multiple types of alarm options, including LED lights and vibrations of different intensities. A rotating LCD display provides clear visual cues about the countdown.

"A friend recommended this to me for daily time management, and it's a great little tool," one Amazon reviewer wrote, rating the device five stars. "Sure, I could probably do the same with a phone app, but having the cube physically on my desk really seems to make a huge difference."

The TimeCube runs on two AAA batteries, and according to another reviewer, it's quite durable. "When it was accidentally knocked on the floor, it was not damaged and is still working," she wrote. "I love how easy it is to set the timer."