TurboTax: Do Oscar nominees pay taxes on "swag"?

Woman at Oscars Red Carpet
Woman at Oscars Red Carpet

The outfits are picked, parties planned and the votes for the 2020 Oscar winners will be tallied. This weekend, Hollywood's nominees will gather for the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony. And while most hopefuls will not be walking away with the coveted eight and a half pound (yes, really) statuette ... they will still have something to smile about.

This year's "swag bag" – given to all Academy Award nominees – is said to have a whopping estimated value of over $200,000. It's not "just an honor to be nominated," it pays! But what are the potential tax ramifications of receiving cannabis chocolates, an exotic, luxury small-ship adventure or even up to $25,000 in cosmetic surgery (to name just a few of the expensive items included in the swag bag)?

For starters, the recipients will need to claim the fair market value of the bags as ordinary income rather than as a gift. A 2006 agreement reached by the IRS and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences created this rule.

Assuming the celebrity is in the highest tax bracket and a 37% rate applies, this year's swag comes with a hefty tax price tag that could be close to $80,000 depending on the exact value of the swag bags. That may have some celebs seeing a red light rather than the red carpet. On the bright side, recipients of the goodie bags are allowed to donate the gifts to charity and receive a tax deduction, but they still have to claim the gifts as income.

You may not have an Oscar nomination in your future, but any winning bets you place on Oscars nominees, as well as any other gambling, lottery, raffle and sweepstakes winnings are taxable income. TurboTax will ask you about winnings and will help you every step of the way if you had a very lucky 2019. Ready for that refund? File today!

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