Mr. Peanut of Planters fame is dead at 104 and Twitter is losing it

Crack your shell and hold the pieces to the sky in honor of a fallen hero.

Mr. Peanut, the iconic face of Planters peanuts, died suddenly on Wednesday morning. He was 104.

His estate tweeted out the news from Peanut's personal account:

"It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that Mr. Peanut has died at 104," the tweet read. "In the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most. Please pay your respects with #RIPeanut."

Dozens of brands and other iconic mascots poured out their hearts and offered their condolences to the Peanut family, including Mr. Clean and Snickers:

Thankfully (and tragically) the death was caught on film, per Peanuts' Twitter -- it turns out the untimely death of a true American icon was a marketing strategy in order to get fans to tune into the third quarter of the Super Bowl LIV where Mr. Peanut's funeral will be broadcasted.

Truly, this is the America we are living in.

Advertisement or not, fans everywhere couldn't help but speculate about the real cause of Mr. Peanut's death and whether or not the video was just a cover up for something far more sinister:

Alas, in a time so politically divided, it was nice to see the Twitter community come together to mourn a collective idol: