Lush Cosmetics debuts raunchy, NSFW Instagram ad that will make you want to take a (cold) shower

In the world of social media advertising, brands have to get creative in order to get their posts and products noticed.

Provocative images and wordplay are often one route influencers and companies alike tend to take, and with Valentine's Day coming up next month, it's prime time to pull out all the stops to make innuendo-filled puns for new product and release pushes.

It looks like Lush Cosmetics has wasted no time in making a splash in extremely NSFW advertising given the company's latest Instagram post promoting its new Valentine's Day collection which collectively made Instagram users everywhere drop their phones and close out of the app:

In what might be the least subtle sexual advertisement of debatably ever, the image depicts one peach and one eggplant bath bomb aligned in a way that's meant to look like ... well, you get the point!

"Feeling cheeky?⁠ 😏," the caption reads, "Our Valentine's Day collection is officially live online and in stores now."

The post then asks followers to "Leave a 🍑 if you've already purchased and a 🍆 if you can't wait to buy!"

Lush Cosmetic's post has since garnered nearly 60,000 likes and over 2,300 comments -- not a bad way to get potential customers to your product page.

Which, by the way, invites consumers to 'come together' to purchase products which is admittedly geniusly raunchy.

Safe to say that just about everyone will be 'feeling cheeky' after coming across the erotic photo -- for better or for worse!