Twitter erupts after customer credit cards were charged multiple times during Bath & Body Works' 'Candle Day'

Black Friday may be long over, but big sales are running all the way through the holiday season with some brands creating their own namesake holidays to keep the excitement pumping.

One of these customer-coveted annual promotions is the Bath & Body Works discount holiday called Candle Day.

The store-favorite three-wick candles plummet in price, leaving many to stock up on dozens (yes, dozens) of the goodies to last them through the winter.

Candles have historically been priced at a cool $8.50 during Candle Day but many were livid this year to find out that prices had been raised to $9.50, sparking the beginning of the social media backlash:

But perhaps the biggest disappointment that came alongside the madness on December 7 was the unreliability of the Bath & Body Works website as thousands of customers faced issues with the site crashing and glitching:

'If my card gets charged 3X because I keep trying to process this order Im going to be so pissed,' Twitter user @marinaniicole wrote.

'The Bath and Body Works website really has me using all of my coping mechanisms tonight,' joked another user @Deeyaaaas_World, 'I’ve trained for this ..…'

Long wait times, orders double and triple processing and incorrect confirmation emails were among the problems cited most frequently by customers.

On the bright side, at least online shoppers didn't have to face the separate horror that were the massive in-store lines formed by customers waiting to get into stores as soon as they opened: