This gourmet chef is cooking up bugs and he wants you to try some, too

Brooklyn-based chef Joseph Yoon found a whole new culinary world in the preparation and ingestion of bugs:

"As a chef, I strive to cook food that connects to people, food that resonates with people. I love not only cooking for people but I love to serve people as well. And so all these things I feel make me really exceptional at what I'm doing as an edible insect ambassador."

Yoon is the chef and founder of Brooklyn Bugs, an organization set to "raise appreciation and awareness for edible insects through delicious, educational, creative, and fun interdisciplinary programming."

For Yoon, being able to educate the public and change their view on bugs as delicacies rather than pests is the best part of the work that he does:

"It's been an incredible blessing to find something that I believe in wholeheartedly. To have something like that and have it be something where there's a great purpose behind it and something that could provide a solution to addressing food security around the world, I'm just very grateful and thankful to be able to do the work that I'm doing."

Take a look inside his bug-tastic menu and see why the creatures may be worth considering as your newest source of protein in the video above!