Move over John Legend, there's also a Sexiest Appliance Alive in town


John Legend might be this year's Sexiest Man Alive -- but when it comes to the Sexiest Appliance Alive category, that honor goes to Maytag.

Every November, PEOPLE reveals its picks for the most attractive, hardworking and impressive men in TV, music and film and this year is no different. Grammy-Award winning singer John Legend was crowned 2019's Sexiest Man Alive, but this time around, there's another spread in the magazine that may delightfully-surprise readers.

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Maytag, the American brand known for its kitchen appliances, washers and dryers and more, launched its Sexiest Appliance Alive campaign and it features a two-page spread in the November issue.

“We often hear from consumers who find the Maytag Man attractive,” Allison Gillespie, Maytag Senior Brand Manager, said in the official press release. “Since the Man is the embodiment of a Maytag® appliance, there’s no better way to highlight the brand’s most attractive quality - dependability - than with the Sexiest Appliance Alive campaign.”

Take a look at the photoshoot shot by David Burton, the photographer who shot 2018's Sexiest Man Alive cover, in the slideshow below:

As 2019's Sexiest Appliance Alive, Maytag hopes to ensure consumers can rely on the products to be hardworking, dependable and powerful -- a triple threat of qualities shoppers look for most when picking out appliances.

“Nothing is sexier than a dependable partner in the home,” Gillepsie explained.

From cooking a romantic dinner to doing dishes every night, Maytag wants to remind users its dependable, which is what makes it the Sexiest Appliance Alive.