This New Jersey man breeds bugs for a living

Gavin Ciccia is CEO of Jersey Worms, a company that breeds worms, roaches and more as part of both a landscaping business and a wholesale bug company.

"When I was younger I never really had an interest in insects, but I was always an outdoorsy person," Ciccia explains.

He always had an interest in fishing, which is what led him to begin breeding earth worms back in the eight grade.

"For 12 worms, $4 really wasn't cutting it so I bought some worms online and i learned how to breed them myself."

From there, the worms doubled in quantity and Ciccia found himself with over 2,000 worms that he sold to a man off Craigslist for double what he had paid for the original worms.

Ciccia continued to grow his business and now has over 150+ pounds of bugs, from worms, to insects and soon-to-be butterflies and moths.

Learn more about Jersey Worms in the video above on this week's episode of Odd Jobs!