Laughter yoga is no joke – see how this practice is helping tons of people all over the world

Yoga isn't all downward dogging – laughter yoga is all about getting in touch with yourself through the joy of giggling.

Francine Shore is a laughter yoga coach, a practice that focuses more on diaphragmatic breathing rather than posture and seeks to help students heal and feel through a collective experience founded in laughter and silliness.

Shore began her journey in the practice over two decades ago on a somewhat of a whim:

"The light had gone out in me about 16 years ago and I saw an ad … a doctor from India was coming to town offering a weekend workshop on something called 'laughter yoga.' I was hooked after taking the training with the master himself, Dr. Madan Kataria. I thought ‘This is so simple, this is effective, this is immediate. It’s instant, it works and I can help others spreading joy and laughter."

Laughter yoga is full of both mental health and physical health benefits, such as strengthening of the immune system, a decrease in depression and anxiety and fostering a feeling of connectivity.

Shore describes laughter as "social glue -- it connects people, bonds people, brings them together" and asserts that "laughter is just the greatest universal language."

Today, there are over 16,000 laughter clubs around the world helping students from all walks and stages of life.

"I get to laugh every day, I get to meditate every day, I get to go to the park, I can do it at home -- I think I have the best job in the world," Shore proudly says.

To learn more about what Shore does and the practice of laughter yoga, watch the video above.