Odd jobs: Meet the people (and dogs) who chase geese for a living

Bob Young is the CEO of Geese Chasers, a company that helps humanely relocate geese from residential areas with a trained team of dogs.

The company started back in the late '90s when Young had his first dog Boomer, a pure-bread Border Collie.

Young was throwing a ball around with Boomer when the owner of a local golf course came over to talk to him to let him know that Border Collies were being used successfully in the Midwest to clear geese off of gold courses and asked Young if he might be interested in having Boomer help clear the local course.

Within one month, Boomer cleared about 500 geese off the property and as Bob says, "The rest, as they say, was history!"

Young sources dogs from specific breeders, rescue organizations and people that reach out with dogs in mind.

If Young thinks that the dogs have potential, Geese Chasers will adopt them.

The dogs go through a 12-18 month training period that is both vigorous and physically demanding and founded in obedience.

All of Geese Chasers' methods are endorsed by different humane societies -- operating with the most humane treatment and methods for both the dogs and the geese is the most important thing to Young, he says.

With 20 years of experience, it doesn't look like Geese Chasers' business is slowing down anytime soon, as Young says:

“The business continues to grow, it’s certainly a million dollar business.”

Watch the video above to learn all about Geese Chasers and their mission.