Odd Jobs: Meet the man who stands in lines for a living

We've probably all considered waiting in line for something we really wanted, whether its coveted tickets to a theater show that's been selling out, a new iPhone release or even a hard-to-score table at a restaurant that doesn't take reservations.

But with busy schedules and unpredictable wait times, sometimes we wish we could just pay someone to do the waiting for us -- and for those living in New York and other major cities, that's now a completely viable option.

Meet Kyle, a professional line waiter based in New York City:

"Whenever I get a brand new client, I’m amazingly surprised that they’re actually paying me money to wait in line for them."

Kyle began line waiting seven years ago using the Task Rabbit app and has now converted the side hustle into his full-time job.

He says it pays a 'ridiculous' amount of money and will wait for clients for just about anything they desire, from concert ticket releases to holding a front row spot for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“I discover something new about the city every time I have a new job,” Kyle says, noting that he's visited all five boroughs of New York while on the job.

Kyle's client base is primarily via word of mouth and recommendations but says that his job is so easy 'a trained monkey can do it.'

Watch the video above to hear more about Kyle's odd job.