This brewery in Maine gifts its employees with a free trip to Belgium on their 5 year work anniversary

Whether you're working at a start-up, a big media conglomerate or a quirky local joint, it's safe to say that one of the best parts of any job is utilizing the work perks you get as an employee.

For many, these often include the occasional catered meal, the option to work from home on certain days, a set number of vacation and sick days and -- if you're really lucky -- shorter shift times at the end of the week during the summertime (Hello, Summer Fridays!)

For employees at Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, these perks include beer at the end of every trip and an all-expenses-paid trip to Belgium after five years of working with the company.

Kind of puts your hallway ping-pong tables to shame, doesn't it?

Allagash has been voted as the Best Place to Work in Maine for the past seven years, according to Outside Magazine -- and it's easy to see why!

Employing over 140 diverse workers from all backgrounds and fields of interest, the company rewards its workers at certain work-iversaries with some awesome gifts.

After one year of working at the company, employees are entitled to their 'one-year jacket' embroidered with the Allagash Brewing logo, where popular choices have included denim jackets, leather jackets and even a Marmot ski coat for one worker.

After three years, employees are entitled to a 'three-year mug' which is handcrafted and customized by a local ceramist, adding a touch of personalization and craftmanship for each individual employee.

Other notable perks include free bagel Wednesdays (nothing like a mid-week carbo-load), summer barbecues and shift beers where employees can stop in and sip on a beer at the end of a long shift spent brewing that exact beer.

Michael Billion, a microbiologist at the brewery, gushed:

“Most people might keep their head down in a typical 9-5, get the work done and leave. here, it almost feels different — I routinely stay after work hang out with coworkers have a beer, have a shift beer. It just feels different than anything I’ve experienced."

Watch the video above to learn more about Allagash Brewing Company.