Redskins legend London Fletcher on life after football, and Crown Royal's 'Water Break'

Former Redskins linebacker London Fletcher's time on the field may be over, but his post-football career is in full bloom. The Redskins recently announced they will induct Fletcher into their Ring of Fame, and the linebacker was also placed on the preliminary Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee list back in 2018.

Fletcher spent the final seven years of his football career in Washington, where he served as captain. He played in 256 consecutive games, which is the NFL record for consecutive starts at the linebacker position. Today, he lends his expertise as an NFL analyst on CBS Sports and has most recently become the face of Crown Royal's "Water Break" campaign. The whisky giant launched this movement to help sports fans drink responsibly and stay hydrated — something an athlete such as Fletcher is a pro at.

We sat down with the Redskins legend to discuss his partnership with Crown Royal and hear more about what he's working on. Check out the interview below.

How do you feel about the Redskins planning to honor you in this way?

"It's a tremendous honor to be brought into the Redskins Ring of Fame. I think about the history of the franchise and all the great players that donned the burgundy and gold, and so to be going up with the greats in Redskins history honestly is humbling. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm thrilled."

You now have a full-fledged broadcasting career, tell us about that!

"I'm an analyst with CBS Sports network on 'That Other Pregame Show.' We come on every Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to noon Eastern. ... My co-hosts are great, and we have a lot of fun on our show. This is our sixth season. ... [Broadcasting] is really something I enjoy doing. It was a great transition for me to go from the football field to the broadcasting aspect of things. I actually began to do some broadcasting while I was still playing — my last four years — and then I was fortunate enough to get hired by CBS."

How invested are you in the Redskins success this season?

"I'm extremely invested! (Laughs) I was actually just watching in the airport this Sunday, getting ready to fly from New York to Charlotte. ... I'm a die-hard Redskins fan! I bleed burgundy and gold. I'm very invested, even after a difficult loss."

What are your expectations for the Redskins this season?

"I'm an optimist. Like, hey — we're gonna make the playoffs! I like the talent we have on our roster, a lot of young talent. It's one of those things where, if the best players play their best every single game, we can really do some things. It's a tough division — the Eagles are tough, the Cowboys have a lot of talent on their team so they'll be tough. It's not gonna be easy at all, but I do feel like the team is up to the challenge. Don't be surprised if the Redskins upset the Cowboys!"

Can you tell us about your teaming up with Crown Royal?

"I'd say my partnership with Crown Royal is important because one thing they want to do is remind sports fans everywhere not to ruin the game day experience for themselves and those around them by over-consuming. When you're doing that, it's not enjoyable anymore. That's why I liked Crown Royal's idea and wanted to help them encourage fans to take a timeout every once in a while. ... They're a great brand, and they saw me as a great ambassador for this specific program. With me having played 256 consecutive games, I know the importance of being hydrated and doing what I have to do to stay in the game for the marathon, not the sprint. So when they came to me, I just felt like it made sense!"

Do you have a favorite Crown Royal drink?

"I was drinking Crown Royal even before the partnership! I was drinking Regal Apple, I liked that with the cranberry juice. But I also drink regular Crown, I'm definitely a fan."

You can watch London Fletcher give his takes all season on "That Other Pregame Show" Sunday mornings on CBS.

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