Workspace solutions: Prime desk organization for productivity

Whether you're a 9-to-5er or a freelancer, how you organize your workspace is essential to your level of productivity.

You don't have to be DIY savvy, either. There are a few simple workspace hacks that can help anyone stay focused and productive throughout the day.

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From reducing cord clutter by using binder clip cord organizers to spicing up your desk decor with succulents or potted plants, making over your workspace is easier than you may think -- and it won't put a huge dent in your wallet.

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What your desk says about your personality
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What your desk says about your personality

The Minimalist 

Minimalists tend to be highly disciplined, hardworking, and reliable. But beware -- Aalack of personal touches might indicate to bosses that they don’t plan on staying long.

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The Expander

If your items frequently end up in other's spaces, you could be an expander, which means you love being in the center of the room.

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The Personalizer

Do you have almost all personalized items at your desk, like monograms, colorful accents and posters of your favorite celebrities? You may be a personaliser, meaning you’re creative, intelligent, and you love new experiences. Personalizers are also more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

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The Surveyor

If you prefer your personal space you might be a surveyor. This type of person enjoys little distraction and or interaction but is highly creative and productive.

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The Clutterer

Clutterers tend to be extroverted and welcoming -- they’re messy because they’re social and don’t have time to be clean. 

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Check out the video above for more workspace hacks.

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