Internet goes wild over viral photo of meeting between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A employee

A peace offering of sandwich-sized proportions came the other day in a Popeyes outside of Greensboro, North Carolina.

North Carolina resident Jené Walker was stopping by a local Popeyes for lunch on August 26 when she noticed quite an unusual sight -- a Chick-fil-A employee in the parking lot handing out sandwiches to Popeyes employees.

Since the chicken sandwich wars began on Twitter, the two restaurants have been notoriously feuding and competing in an attempt to make the best chicken sandwich.

Walker posted the photos to her Facebook page earlier this week:

“ lie!!! I’m at the Popeyes on Gate City and of course they are OUT of the sandwiches,” the post read. “How about the DIRECTOR FROM CHICK FILA across the street came over here and brought them some of their chicken sandwiches!!”

Whether the move was pure savagery or genuine kindness is up to you to decide, but we’re choosing to go with the latter.

Walker told WCNC that she approached Nick from Chick-fil-A (according to the name tag on his uniform) to ask him why he was standing in a Popeyes parking lot with a Chick-fil-A bag, admitting that the ‘timing was weird’:

"When we asked him what he was doing over there at Popeyes he said he was just bringing over some sandwiches since he knew they were sold out."

Walker says that Nick told her that he noticed Popeyes employees looking ‘stressed' due to Chicken Sandwich Gate and was bringing food to the workers ‘out of the kindness of his heart.'

Walker genuinely ‘felt that that was just super awesome, especially with everything going on in the media with them.’

Her Facebook post continued:

“Sooooo the Director said..”if y’all meet me across the street, y’all can have chicken sandwiches on me”. So we met him over there and literally just got a whole meal for FREE!!”

The Facebook post has since gone viral, earning over 18,000 shares on the site.

Walker told WCNC that Nick offered thanked her and her co-worker for being teachers when offering them the meal.

It comes as no surprise that though Walker has yet to taste Popeyes chicken sandwich, her loyalty lies with one restaurant, per her Facebook post:

“ChickFila....I promise to NEVER cheat on you!! You’ve shown loyalty to me..even when I was about to be disloyal to y’all. I love y’all forever.” 

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