KFC's new menu item sold out in less than five hours -- and Twitter is demanding more

Amid the great chicken sandwich war between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, another chicken menu item slowly slipped through the cracks and onto the scene -- well, it's not technically chicken.

On August 26, KFC announced that they would be offering meatless 'chicken' options on their menu in the form of nuggets and boneless wings in partnership with plant-based food producer Beyond Meat. 

There was a catch though -- the Beyond Fried Chicken menu items were only to be sold in one KFC location in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 'chicken' went on sale on August 27 and sold out in under five hours:

Twitter users and Beyond Meat reported that the Atlanta, Georgia restaurant had rebranded itself entirely green for the day in order to promote and celebrate the meatless chicken:

Upon the opening of the store, many reported 'mile'-long lines with '2 hour' wait times:

But the biggest reaction that Twitter had was the desire for more #BeyondFriedChicken -- nationwide and worldwide!

Many users took it to the social media platform to call for the meatless menu item to be rolled out in more cities, states and countries, showing the world that the meatless menu items aren't going anywhere int he world of fast food:

Twitter calls for KFC to expand 'Beyond Nuggets'
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Twitter calls for KFC to expand 'Beyond Nuggets'
@kfc @BeyondMeat Oh god yes please bring this to Washington state
@kfc @BeyondMeat Plz make it everywhere!!
@kfc @BeyondMeat I will literally fund this whole movement if you come to Dallas
@kfc @BeyondMeat yasssss now make it everywhere!!!
@kfc @bobbystockings @BeyondMeat Bring this to Michigan please!!!!!
@kfc @BeyondMeat The miracle we didn’t know we needed ...and hope we get in the rest of the country!!
@kfc @BeyondMeat Wish you'd do this nationally, and not just for a day.
@kfc @BeyondMeat Bring it to Denver
@kfc @BeyondMeat Thank you! Please take this nationwide!
@kfc @BeyondMeat I really don't want to eat @kfc but only because of this I will now consider fast food at your res… https://t.co/wDYQMlofy9
@kfc @BeyondMeat we want them everywhere
@kfc @BeyondMeat I would totally eat this. Bring it to California. I know many people that would buy this.
@kfc @BeyondMeat When is this coming to the UK?
@kfc @BeyondMeat Why only Atlanta? I understand the text market. But please tell me they will launch nation wide soon?
@kfc @BeyondMeat Why only Atlanta? I understand the text market. But please tell me they will launch nation wide soon?

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