Schick is launching a new razor club for bald people only

This may come as no surprise, but baldness in men is extremely common. According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men will experience some form of hair loss by 35 -- and by 50, about 85 percent of men will have suffered from severe hair thinning.

While some may view their baldness as an insecurity, Psychology Today revealed that being bald has several social advantages.

In a recent survey, people admitted that they viewed bald men as more agreeable and much more dominant. Additionally, they were described as more masculine, stronger and to have marginally better leadership skills. 

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As the stigma of being bald shifts thanks to more representation and the creation of communities for people to seek advice and support, companies have begun to take notice, too.

Schick,  a brand of personal care and safety razors, recently launched its latest line of Xtreme products to help put an end to the fear of going bald.

“B.I.P.” aka Bald Important People, is an exclusive club for bald guys only, backed by proprietary Bald Head Recognition Technology. Much like the pro-bald communities on internet forums, the new razor club will provide a safe space for bald and bald-curious men to experience what it’s like to live life at the end of their comfort zone.

“Schick® Xtreme® disposable razors have been praised by head shavers for decades because our razors are designed to flex and adapt to the contours of your face and head for extreme closeness and comfort everywhere you shave,” said Matt Bell, Vice President North America at Edgewell Personal Care. “With BIP we’re creating a community and providing solutions for bald and bald curious guys to courageously pursue a life of spontaneity.”

Consumers who are part of this group will have access to the brand's newest Xtreme razors designed exclusively for bald men. The Xtreme3® Sensitive Disposable Razor,Xtreme3® Pivot Ball™ Disposable Razor and Xtreme4® Disposable Razor will all be available online for purchase through Schick's site as well as on Amazon, Walmart, Target and at drugstores nationwide. From bald head to beard, each of these new razors was constructed to get a clean and close shave every single time. 

Not only will B.I.P. members be able to buy the new products, but anyone who joins between August 26 and September 4 will also be entered in a contest to win an excursion to New York City. The extreme all-inclusive trip comes with an invitation to The Baldest Party Ever during New York Fashion Week.

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