These fast-food chains have all donated to President Trump's reelection


It's been quite the week for cult fitness companies Equinox and SoulCycle after many customers cancelled their memberships and threatened to boycott both businesses indefinitely.

Customers were angered to find that Related Companies founder and chairman, Stephen Ross, hosted a fundraiser on August 9 in his Hamptons home benefiting President Donald Trump’s reelection.

Also in attendance were Ronald Lauder, the son of Estée Lauder and Chairman of Clinique as well as Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company.

Related Companies owns Equinox and SoulCycle among other well-known companies, restaurants and chains.

Many are calling to 'cancel' these millennial brands owned by Ross upon the news of his fundraiser.

And though many investors and chairmen aren't overly vocal about their political affiliations, there are many that have historically supported President Trump and his campaign.

Here are brands who have owners, founders or chairmen that have supported President Trump, per reports found on Open Secrets: