The best and worst airports in America, according to The Points Guy

Good news for those passing through San Diego International Airport: The airport was recently ranked as the best in America.

The rankings — which were part of a study done by The Points Guy — looked at 34 different factors from flight delays, cancellations, ride-hailing prices, security wait times and more. Check out the full list here.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport clinched second place, followed by Portland (Oregon) International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Sacramento International Airport.

The best and worst U.S. airport, according to the Points Guy. (Graphic: Yahoo Finance)

Commute in and out of the airport a big factor

San Diego’s airport got the top spot because of ample amenities, punctuality, and a short commute time “likely for its convenient proximity to the downtown area,” the report stated.

Phoenix’s airport, which took second place, is a “known travelers’ favorite,” the report stated. The airport had the second-best commute time, but lagged behind San Diego in terms of flights’ punctuality.

In this long time exposure photo, protesters march during a rally against the travel ban at San Diego International Airport on March 6, 2017 in San Diego, California.   US President Donald Trump signed a revised ban on refugees and on travelers from six Muslim-majority nations, scaling back the order to exempt Iraqis and permanent US residents. / AFP PHOTO / Sandy Huffaker        (Photo credit should read SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Worst airports in America

On the flip side the worst airport in America, according to The Points Guy, is the Chicago Midway International Airport, followed by Orlando International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Midway ranked last because of its limited amenities, the report found. On top of that, the airport was plagued by long wait times and a “less-than-desirable” commute.

Chicago Midway International Airport is largely empty of travelers on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, after Southwest Airlines canceled all outgoing flights in the morning due to severe weather concerns. Meanwhile, O'Hare International Airport canceled more than 490 flights. (Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images)

Orlando’s airport suffered from the same issues as well, hence its low ranking.

New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, on the other hand, won the category for amenities.

“[K]nowing the pros and cons of each airport is a helpful guide when planning your trip,” Scott Mayerowitz, executive news director of The Points Guy said in a press release. “If you know the airport you’re traveling through lacks amenities, pack a meal. Leave early if commute times are unpredictable, and try to schedule connecting flights through more-reliable airports.”

But really, does all of this matter once you’re up 35,000 feet?

Travel trends in 2019, according to TravelPirates experts
See Gallery
Travel trends in 2019, according to TravelPirates experts

1. Bucket-List Hotel Stays

"Hotels that are the attraction will be huge in 2019. Think: hotels with outdoor showers in Manhattan, beer on tap in the room, guest art classes led by a local artist, social networks for meeting other guests (and connecting digitally as you would at a good old-fashioned hostel), and walking tours of the local neighborhood.

Hotels aren’t just your starting point for travel anymore, they are your destination. People are putting accommodation at the top of their bucket lists."

2. Curation — But Ditch the Travel Agent

"This is not your parent’s cookie-cutter trip. The same-old, same-old is not in fashion anymore for travelers: they’re not looking for trendy destinations. They want to see what’s not blowing up on their Instagram feeds.

Travelers want websites that cull the knowledge of experienced travelers and lets them know where they should go and how. Inspiration is a big business."

3. Don’t Think, Go! The Rise of Spontaneous Traveler

"Point to a place on a map and go. Weekends aren’t for farmers markets anymore. Travelers want to embrace the spontaneous lifestyle — bookings for last-minute trips are up and will only continue to rise.

From a weekend trip to Bermuda or the Hamptons to a spur-of-the-moment booking for next week, the “just go” attitude is here."

4. Off-Peak Season Is On

"The boom of cheap international flights from the U.S. has led to an increase in travel. The catch used to be that many of these $99 one-way flights sent you abroad in the “off-peak” season. Yes, off-peak season, where the weather is cool, the bookings available, and crowds minimal. Sounds not-so-off, right!"

5. Food Tourism Embraces Fusion

"“Authenticity” is a huge buzzword, but apply it to food and it sparks debate. Food tourism was on the rise in 2018, but 2019 will take it to a new level, as travelers look to experience the food fusions that reflect the modern culture of the destination.

From the Singaporean hawker centers that dole out dishes that stem from the diverse ethnic group of the country to the famous bulgogi taco of Southern California to Montreal’s restaurant representation of 50-plus nationalities, travelers want to taste something different."

6. Hyper-Connection

"In-room smart devices were a popular trend in 2017, but some hotel chains are taking the demand for hyper-connectivity to the next level with keyless room access. At Yotel Boston, you can check into your room using the chain’s app — no key required. What’s more, the Boston branch has a robot butler, YO2D2, who can deliver amenities and chat with you in the hotel’s lounge."

7. Communal Spaces — and the Hostel Vibe

"Chic, shared spaces are quickly becoming the norm for modern hotel chains. Why? Millennials want the community experience of a hostel with the luxurious furnishings of a hotel. The rooms at The Pod Hotel in Brooklyn are a minimalist’s dream, but the hotel really shines for its communal spaces.

It boasts a trendy rooftop bar and garden — the perfect place for hanging with other travelers."

8. Unique Amenities

"You know the oft-quoted mantra of seasoned travelers: See the city like a local. Authenticity is not just a recent buzzword, and the push for off-the-beaten-path travel has been amplified recently. The Freehand Hotel in New York City offers curated programming like nude drawing classes hosted by a local artist and historic walking tours of the local area.

New York City’s Arlo Hotel has suites with an outdoor shower for a truly memorable Manhattan experience — complete with shower beer."


Aarthi is a writer for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter @aarthiswami.


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