20 jobs with the fastest-growing salaries

Sometimes you’re in a job that lacks the potential for advancement, and you’re interested in finding out about jobs that pay you more. Other times, you’re satisfied with your current position, but you’re looking to switch gears. Whatever the case, the smart move is to find a job that has a promising outlook.

GOBankingRates used data from Glassdoor — a career information and recruiting site — to find jobs with increasing salaries. Before you decide to say goodbye to your current workplace, take a look at these 20 top career options — some are jobs that are poised to experience rapid growth

Jobs with the fastest-growing salaries
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Jobs with the fastest-growing salaries

20. Business Development Manager

  • Four-year pay increase: 9.7%
  • Annual average salary: $121,629

A business development manager is responsible for researching prospective accounts and pursuing leads in a specific market to win new clients. This job saw the lowest four-year pay increase but offers the highest salary of any other job on the list.

19. Teacher

  • Four-year pay increase: 9.7%
  • Annual average salary: $62,860

Recent teacher strikes in some areas of the U.S. indicate that the teaching profession might leave much to be desired, but at least the pay appears to be increasing. Plus, even though teachers — like business development managers — realized the lowest four-year pay increase on the list, it’s still almost 10 percent.

18. Paralegal

  • Four-year pay increase: 10%
  • Annual average salary: $53,910

Paralegals saw a slightly higher four-year pay increase than the previous two jobs on the list, reaching the 10 percent mark. And with only an associate degree as the typical entry-level education requirement, according to the BLS, the annual average salary of $53,910 doesn’t sound so bad. 

17. Web Designer

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.1%
  • Annual average salary: $75,998

Web designers didn’t score a big gain in the salary-increase department over paralegals — only one-tenth of a percent separates their respective four-year pay increases. When it comes to annual average salary, however, you’d likely be better off working as a web designer. A paralegal makes an average annual salary of more than $20,000 less.

16. Insurance Agent

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.1%
  • Annual average salary: $66,990

Job growth for insurance agents is set to grow at a rate of 10 percent until 2026, which is faster than the average for all occupations, according to the BLS. With a solid four-year pay increase of 10.1 percent and an average annual salary of almost $67,000, an insurance agent just might be a solid job prospect for those who are looking to make more money. 

15. Registered Nurse

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.2%
  • Annual average salary: $73,550

Job growth for registered nurses is booming, with growth rates projected at 15 percent until 2016, which is much faster than the average, according to the BLS. Add to that a 10.2 percent four-year pay increase, plus an annual average salary of over $73,000, and you have a job that just might be perfect for those who want to leverage their caring and empathetic disposition to get a higher-paying job in healthcare.

14. Claims Adjuster

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.4%
  • Annual average salary: $66,340

A mere $650 difference exists between the average annual salaries of claims adjusters and insurance agents, with insurance agents commanding the higher salary. Claims adjusters, however, saw a slightly higher four-year pay increase than insurance agents — 10.4 percent versus 10.1 percent.

13. Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.5%
  • Annual average salary: $45,710

Although licensed practical nurse jobs reflect a four-year pay increase of 10.5 percent, which trumps the four-year pay increase of 10.2 percent for RN jobs, the average annual salaries of the two professions show an even bigger difference. RNs make an annual average salary of $73,550, whereas LPNs make close to $30,000 less at $45,710.

12. Accountant

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.5%
  • Annual average salary: $77,920

Accountant jobs reaped the same four-year pay increase — 10.5 percent — as LPN jobs. But there’s a huge difference between the annual average salaries of these two professions. Accountants pull in, on average, over $30,000 more annually than LPNs do.

11. Production Manager

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.6%
  • Annual average salary: $110,580

With only one-tenth of a percent standing between the four-year pay increase of production managers and the two previous jobs on the list, that doesn’t mean the salaries of the three jobs are equally comparable. The average annual salary of a production manager exceeds $110,000 — over $30,000 more than an accountant and almost $55,000 more than an LPN.

10. Financial Advisor

  • Four-year pay increase: 10.9%
  • Annual average salary: $124,140

With the second-highest annual average salary on the list, and a four-year pay increase totaling almost 11 percent, a career as a financial advisor might look pretty attractive to people seeking better-paying alternatives to their present jobs. To gain entry into this occupation, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required, according to the BLS.  

9. Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Four-year pay increase: 11.1%
  • Annual average salary: $28,540

With the lowest annual average salary on the list, becoming a certified nursing assistant might not be a step up salary-wise from your current job. The job, however, has a faster-than-average growth rate up until 2026 and a higher four-year pay increase than 11 of the other jobs on the list. 

8. Emergency Medical Technician

  • Four-year pay increase: 11.7%
  • Annual average salary: $36,700

With one of the lowest annual average salaries on the list, stepping into an EMT’s shoes might not be the best move for those seeking a higher-paying job. But like other medical jobs on the list — RN and CNA — the EMT profession is projected to experience faster-than-average growth until 2026, according to the BLS.

7. Software Engineer

  • Four-year pay increase: 12%
  • Annual average salary: $86,240

With an annual average salary in the top-five jobs on this list and a four-year pay increase in the top seven, starting a career as a software engineer could be quite lucrative if you have the proper degree and experience. A bachelor’s degree in software engineering or information technology is commonly required, according to career website Indeed, as well as at least seven years of software development or programming experience. 

6. Sales Representative

  • Four-year pay increase: 12%
  • Annual average salary: $69,680

If you have the chops for sales work, becoming a sales representative might be your path to a higher-paying job. With an annual average salary of $69,680, a sales rep job pays more than the yearly average salary across all occupations in the U.S., according to the BLS.

5. Sales Manager

  • Four-year pay increase: 12.1%
  • Annual average salary: $137,650

If you’ve exceeded expectations as a sales rep or have some sales-related management experience under your belt, snagging a sales manager position could be a nice upgrade. The job has impressive stats: an average annual salary ranking the highest on the list and a four-year pay increase that’s in the top five.

4. Recruiter

  • Four-year pay increase: 12.4%
  • Annual average salary: $64,317

Although the annual average salary for a recruiter isn’t in the top five, it is higher than the national annual average salary. The higher-than-average salary coupled with one of the top-four pay increases on this list might make it a lucrative pick for some — especially if the pay keeps increasing.

3. Operations Analyst

  • Four-year pay increase: 13.6%
  • Annual average salary: $73,080

An average annual salary that’s over $20,000 higher than the national average  — and climbing —and a four-year pay increase that ranks in the top three on this list might make looking into job requirements for an operations analyst tempting.

2. Pharmacy Technician

  • Four-year pay increase: 16.9%
  • Annual average salary: $33,060

Although most of the jobs on this list have only a few-tenths of a percentage point difference between them when it comes to four-year pay increases, the difference between the previous job — operations analyst — and a pharmacy technician is a whopping 3.3 percent. Although the average annual salary is below the national average, qualifying for this job is a snap — you typically only need a high school diploma, according to the BLS. 

1. Customer Service Manager

  • Four-year pay increase: 18.3%
  • Annual average salary: $89,326

Not only does this job occupy the top spot on the list for a four-year pay increase, but it also has an annual average salary that ranks in the top five salaries as well. Plus, the almost $90,000 salary is about $40,000 higher than the national average.


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