Phoebe Robinson confesses she creates her funniest bits while shaving her legs

For most, taking a shower is never that simple -- whether you're also washing your hair or shaving your legs, there's always another component to keep you in the bathtub for longer than expected. 

According to Home Water Works, the average American spends 8.2 minutes in the shower. And while it may not seem like a long time, nearly 72 percent of people have confessed that it's during those moments when they have their most creative thoughts. 

And if you've ever had a 'creative epiphany' in the shower you're not alone. In an exclusive interview with AOL Finance, actor, writer and producer, Phoebe Robinson revealed she's come up with some of her funniest bits while shaving her legs in the shower. 

In fact, the 'Two Dope Queens' star is partnering up with Schick Intuition to bring her best thoughts to life in a new content series, “Shave Thoughts.” The series emphasizes the notion that many of us come up with our best ideas while carrying out the most monotonous tasks such as shaving our legs. And the new Intuition f.a.b is so easy and mindless that it can lead to mind-blowing thoughts. 

"It's super easy. I just sit and let the [Intuition f.a.b] do all of the work for me," Robinson exclaimed. 

Through the comedian's partnership with Schick, we get a first look at some of Robinson's most creative moments. 

"Right now, it's mostly about dating. My boyfriend recently moved in with me," Robinson told AOL Finance. And while the two have been getting along just fine in their new living situation, the star made one thing very clear. "He's not allowed to use my Schick razors. He has to use his own." 

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