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Whether you’re crammed in a closet-sized apartment in New York City or live in an outdoor shed in California for $800 a month, you know how to live like a minimalist. For people who can’t afford to live in a modestly sized apartment or home, tiny living is an option. Buying a tiny home can also be a way for families to scale back their lifestyle by living with less and saving money in the process.

If you’ve never taken a look inside a tiny home, you might be pleasantly surprised by the chic interiors and the amount of storage space these small abodes can actually offer. From modern rustic interiors to wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, these houses have it all — in a much smaller package. These tiny homes for sale will have you considering moving in.

Inside tiny home living
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Inside tiny home living

The Modern Rustic

  • Price: $75,000

You could pay $75,000 for a brand-new Mercedez-Benz E-Class, or you could buy yourself a beautiful tiny home. Located in San Diego, this tiny home lets in plenty of sunshine through its three Velux skylights, a one-of-a-kind stained glass accent and plenty of windows. Built in 2019, this 285-square-foot house sits on a trailer bed, is registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and is RV Industry Association certified. Curious about what’s inside? Keep reading to see just how spacious this tiny home is.

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Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Modern Rustic Tiny Home Interior: Coffee Shop Aesthetic

You could call this the “coffee shop aesthetic,” because there are plenty of coffee shops in Los Angeles that look just like this: white walls, industrial hardware, lots of light and wood accents. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom tiny home gives off major Restoration Hardware vibes. The home features a full kitchen with plenty of countertop space and room to cook, and there’s ample storage for kitchenware below the counters. You can sleep in the loft above the bathroom area or convert the sofas into a large bed. The shower is tiled and the bathroom mirror has vanity lighting — maybe this tiny home was made with the most fabulous selfies in mind.

Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Egret

  • Price: $45,000

Named after the stately white bird that’s common in the South, the Egret is a tiny, white home that was built in Louisiana.

This Southern charmer is 20 feet long and 8 1/2 feet wide, with a painted white pine wood interior and exterior. The tiny home offers plenty of storage space inside to create a comfortable living environment for the savvy minimalist.

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Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Egret Tiny Home Interior: Cozy Quarters

This 170-square-foot tiny home has been around for only three short years — but don’t let its age fool you. Because this home has been lived in already by the previous owner, someone else already figured out how this small space functions best.

Store your necessities in custom cabinets under the stairs, which lead to the queen-sized loft for optimal storage space in your home and kitchen. Unique to this tiny home is the range hood that vents to the outside — so when you burn your grilled cheese, the smoke from the burnt butter will be transported outside. Conveniently, this tiny home comes with a portable dehumidifier to keep you dry all summer long. Surely, with all of these carefully planned amenities, the future owner of the Egret is sure to make this tiny home the most comfortable one yet.

Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Sweetwater

  • Price: $69,900

Built in the Pacific Northwest, this two-bed, one-bath tiny home is perfect for someone looking to downsize their lifestyle or use as a granny flat addition to their home. The exterior of this home offers plenty of personality; the outside wood paneling is a mix of exposed and white-painted wood. Large windows open up the space, making the 289 square feet of the home feel roomy. Located in Vancouver, Washington, this “big” tiny home can be shipped to other states for an additional fee.

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Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Sweetwater Tiny Home Interior: Pinterest-Perfect

Joanna Gaines who? This tiny home feels like a combination of every modern farmhouse pin you’ve seen on Pinterest. The exposed wood beams and vaulted ceiling contrast beautifully with the white walls and unique hexagonal porcelain tiles. The other features in this tiny home are adorable, too. Inside you’ll find two sliding barn doors: One serves as a door to the full bathroom and the other is a teeny version under the bathroom sink.

A dreamy, queen-sized loft sits above the bathroom. Downstairs, there’s ample space for enjoying a drink at the bar and countertop areas, making this tiny home perfect for entertaining guests. Fold up the Murphy bed to create a dance floor for you and your guests after drinks.

Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Deluxe

  • Price: $85,999

This tiny home for sale is another sweet abode with a modern rustic feel. This contemporary country-style tiny home has striking wood and metal siding. This deluxe version features two exits: a framed glass front door and a sliding back door that will let in plenty of light to brighten your space. With a one-bedroom loft and one bathroom, this tiny home is ready for a lifetime of living.

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Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Deluxe Tiny Home Interior: The Model Home

The 280-square-foot home is ready for you to move in. This tiny house was built in 2018 but only used minimally by its previous owners. But why is this tiny home considered deluxe? For starters, the bedroom loft includes a huge California king loft, a TV with a built-in DVD player, and a washer and dryer located in the bathroom. The “model home” tag means it’s ready for you to move in and make it your own. If you have an eye for decorating, you could make this tiny house feel like a designer home.

Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

Winery Retreat

  • Price: $69,999

This tiny home is famous: It was featured on season seven of “Tiny House, Big Living.” Now, it’s on sale for you to live in. Another modern-yet-rustic design, this tiny home looks large from the outside, with dark wood siding, large windows and an eye-catching, red-trimmed door.

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Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

Winery Retreat Tiny Home Interior: Red-Door Barn

This house features a reclaimed barn wood accent wall and ceiling, a custom butcher block countertop and a sliding wood barn door for bathroom privacy. The sleeping areas include a queen-sized sleeping loft and a twin-sized sleeping area, perfect for a family of three — but also perfect for two people and their canine companions. Unique to this home are the recessed lights at the top of the house, the red cabinets for a pop of color and the handrail to help you safely get to your loft bed.

Photo credit: Tiny House Marketplace

The Fox

  • Price: $89,000

Surprise: Not all tiny homes are “rustic.” The Fox makes an elegant addition to the list. The tiny home’s exterior features cream-colored siding with white trim, resembling an adorable garden house. Picture yourself parking your new tiny home in a lush green forest or near the beach, then relaxing on your loft bed with a cup of tea.

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Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Fox Tiny Home Interior: Muted Elegance

Whereas other homes on this list employ a handful of large windows to brighten up their space, this tiny home takes a more minimal approach. The use of a muted grey and white throughout this home helps the tiny space appear to be much larger than it actually is. Unique to this home is the marble-tiled shower with a bench, perfect for those who love contemplating life while sitting in a hot, steamy shower.

Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Koko 2

  • Price: $97,000

The Koko 2 model could either be named after the gorilla who learned to communicate through sign language (R.I.P.) or Khloé (aka “Koko”) Kardashian. Whatever the name refers to, this tiny home is gorgeous inside and out. Instead of having a standard rectangular shape, this tiny home features a roof that varies in size and slope. The flat part of the roof is designed to make room for the loft bed and five windows that envelop your bed in morning sunshine. The exaggerated angle of the other side of the roof draws the eyes upward and makes the tiny home feel much bigger than it actually is.

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Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Koko 2 Tiny Home Interior: The Perfect Hiding Spot

As with almost all the other tiny homes for sale that made the list, everything in the Koko 2 is painted white to create the illusion of a bigger space. This tiny home uses black and gold accents to balance out the design of the small space, which sets it apart from all those modern rustic homes. Unique to this tiny home are three cushioned benches placed in a hexagonal common area that sits on a raised platform. The benches fold out to create a sleeping space that fits two people. Under the benches are six pull-out drawers, and there’s more storage under the floor. The modern design and gold fixtures will make you feel like the king or queen of your 256-square-foot kingdom.

Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Clover

  • Price: $95,000

Built similarly to the Koko 2, the Clover features varying roof shapes to accommodate the upper loft as well as the gable roof. The exterior of this model features lapped smart siding, which looks like wood panel siding. The makers of this model include a 60-year warranty for the siding as well as a 40-year warranty for the steel roof. The Clover may look like every other tiny home on the outside, but get ready for your mind to be blown when you see the interior.

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Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Clover Tiny Home Interior: A Seat at the Poplar Table

The walls, floors, stairs and kitchen backsplash are covered in poplar wood. And before you turn away in disgust from the flashbacks of your ’90s living room, know that blonde wood is having a moment here. The poplar planks are light enough to open up the space in the same way that white and light gray hues would. The olive green custom cabinets and concrete countertops bring this tiny home into 2019 and beyond. Another unassuming detail from the near future that is included in this home is the washer/dryer combo unit. Yes, you read that right: It’s one machine that both washes and dries your clothes — an amazing space-saver.

Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Cocoa

  • Price: $69,000

The exterior of this tiny modern home is unassuming, with its long rectangular shape and shed roof. The Cocoa sits on a 20-foot custom trailer foundation. Rather than real wood, the dark-colored siding is made of a material called smart siding — because maybe it knows a thing or two more than an actual tree. Click through to see what the inside of this tiny home has to offer.

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Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Cocoa Tiny Home Interior: The Shotgun Tiny House

The design of this tiny home is narrow, like the shape of a shotgun barrel. You can see just about all of the home’s features from the doorway: The ladder to the queen-sized loft, the kitchen, the closet, the door to the bathroom and the dining area. At 160 square feet, this tiny home is teeny, but what this home lacks in square footage is made up for with custom storage solutions. The Cocoa is unique from the other tiny homes on this list: It includes 70 square feet of storage in the queen loft, whereas many of the other tiny homes don’t provide storage space in the loft.

Photo credit: Modern Tiny Living

The Wheel Pad

  • Price: $75,000

Wheel Pad is a tiny homemaker company with a mission to provide homes for people with mobility issues. Wheel Pad offers a lease program starting at $1,500 a month for a minimum of three years — that’s a steal compared with the average monthly cost of a unit in an assisted-living home. The exterior and interior are customizable based on your needs; as long as you remain within the 220-square-foot trailer, you’re good to go. Wheel Pad will even install a connector ramp to help you safely get in and out of your home.

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Photo credit: Caroylyn Bates / Wheel Pad

The Wheel Pad Tiny Home Interior: Accessible and Comfortable

Although this tiny home model doesn’t offer a kitchen, it does include a wheelchair-accessible bedroom and bathroom. The carefully designed tiny home features easy-to-access electrical plugs and bathroom handrails. Other thoughtful features include a high-profile bedframe and a low showerhead. A Hoyer lift that tracks along the house will safely get you from the bed to the bathroom without the help of a medical professional or family member.

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Photo credit: Caroylyn Bates / Wheel Pad


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