Man bathes in Wendy's kitchen sink in viral video

A disturbing Snapchat video of a young man bathing in a Wendy's kitchen sink in Milton, Fla., surfaced on Tuesday, sparking uproar on social media and an investigation by the company that owns the fast food restaurant, the Pensacola News Journal reports. 

The one-minute, 33-second clip shows an unidentified man wearing nothing but what appears to be swimming trunks. He climbs into the kitchen sink, which is filled with soap bubbles, at the urging of his co-workers.

"Take a bath, take a bath, get in there," says the woman who recorded the video. 

The man then tells her that the water is warm and to turn the jets on. She does so and tells him to clean his armpits. Throughout the clip, the two joke around as two other employees record the incident. Towards the end of the video, the woman flips the camera and reveals herself in a Wendy's hat for a brief second. 

The footage went viral on Facebook, after a different woman posted the clip and expressed her disgust. As of Friday afternoon, the video has received more than 700,000 views. 

"I don't suggest anyone eating at the Milton Wendy's again," the poster wrote. 

Viewers had mixed reactions, with some calling for all of the employees to be fired. 

"Instead of getting the manager on duty, which was probably a shift runner, they think it's funny," one person wrote. "That is unfortunately what the fast food industry has become. Kids that don't care and couldn't care less what people think. They just want [to get] paid but not do the work it requires." 

Others were more forgiving. 

"Kids do stupid crap all the time. Always have," another commenter wrote. "Now they record it and blast it for the world to see. I'm glad you had to take a picture then get it developed when I was a teenager. Even then you could destroy the photo, everyone in the world didn't see it. This was dumb, but not the end of the world."

The News Journal contacted the district manager of the Milton Wendy's but was unable to get a comment. However, a representative at Carlisle, the company that owns the chain's Florida branch, condemned the prank in a statement to the newspaper. 

"We are taking this incident seriously and it is obviously totally unacceptable," the statement read. "This was a prank by a person who no longer works at this restaurant, and who clearly did not use good judgement. We are taking this opportunity to reinforce our very strict quality procedures with our restaurant team." 

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