'Game of Thrones' favorites Septa Unella, Hodor and The Mountain join forces on new project

It’s the end of an era as ‘Game of Thrones’ has come to an eight-season-long close.

For the last eight years, fans have mourned the loss of their most-beloved characters, cheered for the just deaths of their least-favorites and have all but become entrenched in a fantasy world full of destruction and uncertainty — and now it’s time to say goodbye.

But dragons and castles aside, the ‘Thrones’ ideals of fate and devastation aren’t so far off from what we experience daily in our real lives, especially true when it comes to the hazy fate of our Earth and environment.

The visible devastation of our oceans and the environment has sparked worldwide conversation about reusable alternatives to plastic bottles and straws, leaving many big-name chains and companies to jump on the bandwagon and make statements by banning such devices or providing customers with alternatives.

A long-standing champion in this field of activism, SodaStream has unveiled its latest video campaign called ‘Say Goodbye’ which features three fan-favorite ‘Thrones’ characters struggling with single-use plastic bottles in a modern world, realizing at the end of the commercial that it’s time to give them up and find a better solution.

Watch the hilarious yet powerful video here:

Hannah Waddington, who plays the sinisterly pious Septa Unella on ‘Thrones, thrillingly came back for this campaign after having worked with SodaStream on projects past:

“I think it’s great that [the campaign] is tying up the end of ‘Thrones’ with what we would hope would be the end of completely nonsense way that we use plastic bottles … I like the way SodaStream deals with the subject matter because it’s very very serious and quite transformative … for generations to come. We are destroying the planet.

I think people have kind of got back on board with [this cause] because we’re realizing how many images does it take for us to see — beautiful big whales with bottles all around them or birds with ring coils around their necks — I don’t know how much more people need to see. So of course when I got involved through ‘Game of Thrones’ it was a no-brainer for me because I just thought ‘Of course!’ and ‘Thank you for asking me to join in.’”

‘Say Goodbye” excitingly reunites Waddington with Thor Björnsson (‘The Mountain’), the pair last being seen on screen together in a rather terrifying yet open-ending Season 6 conclusion:

“Thor and I had worked together on ‘Thrones’ — he basically tortured my character to death, we presume, cause she’s left in the room with him. Or maybe she has a nice time with him, who knows! I would hope the latter!

And then he and I of course did the first SodaStream campaign ‘Shame or Glory’ together with another chap called Ross Hatt and that was a brilliant time that we had a couple of years ago. So I was just so pleased … to come back and kind of reprieve it but in a slightly different way, not being in costume. It’s all of the characters getting on with their lives and caring about the planet.”

But it was this time around that Waddington was able to meet one of the show’s most-loved characters that she had yet to work with:

What added a massive treat to me … I knew we’d always get on, was to meet Kristian (he plays Hodor) and unsurprisingly we got on like an absolute house on fire we’re going out to dinner, all the rest of it, and it was such a pleasure. My inner fangirl was going crazy!”

And though Unella and Honor never crossed paths before they both met their untimely ends on the show, ’Thrones’ fans know that Unella’s relationship with villain Queen Cersei Lannister was all but amicable.

So how does Waddington think Unella would have reacted to Cersei’s tragic Season 8 death?

“Obviously, it’s not happily, how she’s dying. But in the arms of her soulmate, the man that she loves, I mean, Septa Unella would think that that’s Cersei having her cake and eating it. And also, she’s dying in the arms of her incestuos brotherly partner … seriously I don’t know how she would cope with that at all! She’d probably be like ‘Oh God, hand me my pail, I’m going to hit myself in the head with it!”

But if you have any more to discuss with Waddington when it comes to ‘Thrones,’ you better come bearing spoiler warnings:

“I haven’t watched [the ending] yet because i’m literally being picked up in 10 minutes to go and watch it with some of the ex-cast members to view it — that will be on Sky Atlantic tonight. So I’ve stolen myself away. So if you know anything, I don’t want to know … don’t! Just sush!”

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