Irish company turns heads with chicken nugget ice cream

An Irish ice cream company decided to push the boundaries of ice cream flavors by combining two favorite foods into one very questionable item. 

Dundalk-based XXI Ice recently revealed its chicken nugget ice cream on its Facebook page. Yes, you read that right.

The company's video shows three McDonald's chicken nuggets placed on a cold slab. Cream is then poured on top of the nuggets before they're sliced into smaller pieces. After a minute or so, the mixture is spread across the slab and divided into rectangular slices, which are later rolled. The dessert is finally topped with three more nuggets. 

"I suppose we create custom ice creams," a spokesperson for the company told Fox News. "We turn anything we can mash into ice cream, from chocolate to McNuggets. Nothing is too far! We are trying to bring ice cream rolls to Ireland in what is a new and exciting take on your standard ice cream."

XXI Ice has previously experimented with other unusual products, including cheese-and-onion-flavored potato chips, prosecco and Krispy Kreme donuts

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America's Best Ice Cream Shops
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America's Best Ice Cream Shops

Summer’s ultimate treat is served with old-world panache at these gourmet parlors. Read on to discover America's best ice cream shops.

Image Credit: Ici Ice Cream

Gray’s Ice Cream, Rhode Island

Gray’s has been an institution in Tiverton, across the river from Newport, since 1923, when Annie Gray turned her house into a casual ice cream parlor in the historic Four Corners section of town. Current owner Marilyn Dennis keeps the standards on the menu for the old-timers, while adding such newer hybrids as strawberry cheesecake.

Flavor to Try: Frozen pudding, a rum-based ice cream loaded with apricots and raisins, is a Gray’s tradition and not something even die-hard ice cream fanatics encounter every day.

Image Credit: Ball & Albanese

Homer’s Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream, Illinois

The Chicago area has plenty of couture ice cream operations—like Ruth and Phils Gourmet Ice Cream, with such arcane flavors as sour cream cinnamon—but a big, hearty city demands the kind of hearty ice cream that Al Capone used to enjoy. In 1935, Gus Poulos made up his first batch of ice cream at this very location in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, and it’s an obligatory pit stop for visitors and Chicagoans alike. Capone might have been a bad guy, but he knew good ice cream.

Flavor to Try: Chi-town is the American heartland, so dig in to the Americana-fest with a heaping bowl of Rocky Road, chocolate ice cream combined with almonds and marshmallows, a staple of parlors across the country.

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Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream, New Hampshire

On a narrow street along the Portsmouth harbor is Annabelle’s, where the owner, retired doctor Lewis Palosky, thinks of himself as “an artist, not a businessman.” His credo is evident in the thick (difficult to pierce with a spoon) and intensely flavorful ice cream. Black raspberry, a New England staple, is rich with flavor.

Flavor to Try: Black raspberry is one thing, but the French vanilla is a revelation, a symbol of ordinariness that has been made, through some magical culinary alchemy, extraordinary.

Image Credit: Ball & Albanese

Ici Ice Cream, California

Ici is run by a former pastry chef from Chez Panisse, Mary Canales, and is balanced between the past—hearty root-beer floats and all that—and the gourmet future, with such flavors as brandied cherry and burnt caramel. Each day, 11 flavors—drawn from whatever might be fresh, creative, and generally happening that day—are offered, made with organic Soul Food eggs and milk from Clover Organic Dairy.

Flavor to Try: Rose is as light, thoughtful, and refreshing as a summer’s day in San Francisco.

Image Credit: Ici Ice Cream

Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionary, Louisiana

In New Orleans, ice cream is taken as seriously as any other sensual pleasure, and since 1905, Angelo Brocato has been serving up Italian delights in an Old Palermo–inspired parlor. The selection includes lemon ice, gelato, Sicilian flavors like amaretto, cannolis, almond biscotti, and nods to New Orleans, with peach ice being particularly popular in the summer.

Flavor to Try: Spumoni is molto Italiano, a wedge of tutti-frutti, lemon, and pistachio ice cream, topped off with homemade whipped cream.

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