Amazon has officially launched in-garage delivery — here's how to get it

  • Amazon announced on Tuesday that its in-garage delivery program, Key for Garage, is now available for Prime members. 
  • The company now sells Key Smart Garage Kits that include a compatible adapter for garage doors made before 1994, as well as an optional Amazon Cloud Cam.
  • The service is only available in 50 cities so far, but that list will grow as Amazon's own delivery and logistics service expands.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that its in-garage delivery program, Key for Garage, is now available for eligible customers.

Amazon Prime members with the right equipment can now select "in-garage delivery" at checkout. This follows Amazon's other Key delivery options: in-home delivery, which launched in 2017, and in-car delivery, which rolled out in 2018.

They all work similarly. The delivery person goes through an Amazon app to verify the package is for the recipient at that exact geolocation, and the door opens to allow brief access. 

In-garage delivery may prove to be the most compelling offering yet, as the equipment it requires is both cheaper and less difficult to install. The process also does not provide the delivery driver access to the interior of a living space.

Like other Key offerings, in-garage delivery requires some special equipment. Amazon partnered with Chamberlain Group, which manufactures garage doors under the brands Liftmaster, Raynor, and Craftsman. Key uses the company's proprietary MyQ technology. "MyQ" is Chamberlain's term for its WiFi-enabled garage door openers.

"What's interesting is there's really millions of households out there that have the technology in their garage, and they don't have to buy anything else," Cory Sorice, a vice president and head of emerging business at Chamberlain, told Business Insider.

All customers need to do is download the MyQ and Amazon Key apps and link the two accounts.

For customers without a MyQ-enabled garage door, Amazon is now selling the MyQ Smart Garage Hub with the option to include an Amazon Cloud Cam. The hub can turn basically any garage door opener into a MyQ-enabled garage door, meaning that customers don't need to own a Chamberlain-brand 

Amazon is selling the MyQ Smart Garage Hub for $49.99 — a 37.5% discount — as well as the MyQ Smart Garage Hub bundled with an Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) for $124.99, which is also a significant discount. 

Amazon first announced in-garage delivery at CES in January. At that time, Amazon was aiming to release the service in 37 cities, but that number has grown to 50. 

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