Apple's flagship New York City store is dealing with a serious bed bug infestation: report

The flagship Apple store on New York City's Fifth Avenue has been dealing with a major case of bed bugs for weeks, according to the New York Post

An Apple employee reportedly found a bed bug in the manager's office last Friday, sending the store's staff into a panic.

"There was a mass exodus," the unidentified worker told the newspaper. "Employees were freaking out. They felt really unsafe and management kept giving them the runaround."

The pest problem, in fact, has persisted for at least three weeks, the employee claimed. During an overnight shift, a bed bug was allegedly spotted on a table, which was later cordoned off. The critter was believed to have come from one of the store's homeless visitors, who often drop by since the boutique is open 24 hours.

The store's management allegedly called an exterminator and told staff it had addressed the problem. A week and a half later, however, another bed bug was found — this time, on an employee's sweater. An exterminator visited the shop again to spray it down. 

Friday's incident appears to be the third time Apple's Fifth Avenue location failed to completely get rid of bed bugs, which often find refuge in people's clothing, bedding or furniture. 

"I shouldn't have to go to work feeling unsafe and unprotected," the staffer told the Post. 

Apple did not immediately return the paper's request for comment. 

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Warning signs you're about to have a bed bug problem
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Warning signs you're about to have a bed bug problem

People you know have had bed bugs

Bed bug infestations can spread from home to home, especially in apartment buildings where they don't have far to travel. "We have more people affected by bed bugs in the United States now than ever before," says Ron Harrison, PhD, Orkin Entomologist and Director of Technical Services. "They were virtually unheard of in the U.S. 10 years ago." If you know someone who has had a bed bug problem, be safe and check your home for intruders. Try this DIY guide to getting rid of bed bugs.


There are small, itchy bites on your body

Bed bugs can leave small itchy and inconsistent bites on your body. If you've found clusters of bites, especially if they are in straight lines of three, checking for bed bugs might be worth it. It isn't a sure sign, though. Some people won't show any signs of being bitten by bed bugs. "People may have bed bugs and not know it because many people have no physical reaction to bed bug bites," Dr. Harrison says. "That's why it's important for people everywhere to inspect for bed bugs regularly." Here's how to recognize bed bugs if you suspect you have them.


There are dark stains on your sheets or pillowcases

Because bed bugs are messy, they can leave behind small stains in places they've lived. Any odd stains on your pillowcases or sheets should be inspected and not written off. If you find stains and you spot bed bugs, check out our 16 expert tips on how to get rid of them altogether.


You frequently stay in hotel rooms

Hotel rooms are one of the primary ways that bed bugs spread. Orkin recommends that people who use hotel rooms often use the S.L.E.E.P. method to inspect for bed bugs. The method involves surveying the hotel room for infestation signs, checking the bed before you use it, and examining luggage when repacking. Don't miss this guide for spotting bed bugs in your hotel room.


There are skin flakes on your bed or clothing

Skin flakes from bed bugs are small, brown, and oval, and they are one of the signs you have bed bugs. If you find any of these small casings around your home, you might have bed bugs. Don't be too discouraged, though, by the presence of bed bugs because they can happen in even the cleanest homes. "Anyone can get bed bugs in their home. They are not a sign of uncleanliness. Bed bugs only need blood to survive," Dr. Harrison says. "We have treated for bed bugs in everything from million dollar homes to public housing."


You've only looked for bed bugs in your bed

Despite their name, bed bugs can thrive in multiple locations outside of a bed. According to a 2015 "Bugs Without Borders Survey" by the National Pest Management Association, nearly all (99.6 percent) of pest professionals nationwide have treated bed bugs in the past year, up from five, ten, and 15 years ago, and many of these cases did not involve beds at all. If you're looking for bed bugs, check the seams of chairs and couches, drawer joints, and areas of loose wallpaper too.


There are brownish-red stains on your shets that smear when wiped

As gross as it is, bed bugs can leave clusters of their poop on sheets, and these clusters can be how to know if you have bed bugs. If you find small stains that smear when wiped with a wet rag, it might be evidence of bed bug fecal matter. If you find this alongside mattress seams or box spring edges, you might have a bed bug problem. Find out how bad it is not to wash your sheets weekly.


You've recently purchased secondhand furniture without washing it

Getting a great deal on furniture is awesome, but secondhand furniture can invite unwanted pests like bed bugs into your home. Orkin recommends thoroughly inspecting any furniture that comes into your home for bugs before agreeing to purchase it. Next, don't miss these 13 secrets about bed bugs, termites, and other creepy pests.



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